Background data usage for music services like Spotify when toggled off?


I’m looking to reach out here @ RW to see what if anyone else is experiencing what I am, namely that Spotify appears to be using background data even though I’ve toggled that off on the app settings. See for more details.


I haven’t used Spotify in a couple of years, because the last time I used it, it behaved badly. My understanding is that apps that have been closed may remain loaded in memory for quick loading the next time you call it up. But, it’s not supposed to be active in the background unless that is a selection option.

You can stop Spotify from using data while in the background by using a no-root firewall, in which you can grant or prevent background data access data when the app is not in use.


Hi @mattb.6c3kyj

I’ve been using Spotify for a few months and I do not restrict background data on the app.

I’m about 10 days into my billing cycle and have not used the app this cycle. That said, I just checked my MXP and it reports 116KB of background data usage, so negligible in my opinion.
Are you seeing higher rates or just inquiring as a matter of principle?.

(not sure which phone you have and/or is the linked post yours, or just something you found related to the issue).