Backing up Moto G4 Plus phone

How do I know if my Moto G4 Plus is backed up? How do I back it up? Getting ready for new phone, this one is beginning to have too many glitches…


That is what I found for backing it up, now to check it? I am not certain how to do that… maybe just redo these instructions?

Hi @bettyyoungweber - here are a couple of other links that might help. One is a How To from RW.

And the other is from the Google help center■■■■■■■■■■■■1583945720-146530810■■■■■■■■■■■

Lots of links within these documents that can help answer questions. Hope these help!

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Thank you so much. Got it!

Appreciate you resending. Thank you so much!

oops reSPONDING!!!

Here is a link to the backup procedure posted by @kyless_89. The original post was not a clickable link (at least in my browser) so the steps were incomplete.

And here is a link for the restore procedure (using Moto G4 Plus as an example).

The site has guides for several phones and devices. Here’s the starting page where you can select the device you need help with.

The web site has some great graphics for each step and seems to be reasonably up to date. I have not tested many of the procedures so YMMV.

Thanks for sharing @kyless_89 I had never used that site before :grinning:
Thought others might find this helpful!

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