Backing up texts to computer


I am interested in backing up the texts in my phone to my computer, and then permanently deleting them from my phone while still being able to access them and read them from my computer as needed for “forever”. I do not wish to back them up to a Google cloud however.

I read through similar Q & A’s previously posted, but I did not find a satisfactory answer. Some say there are apps in Google Play, others say they have tried several apps in Google Play without success.

Could someone please recommend one or more apps they have used in the way I have described that they like?


Hi @d.n0d8rz

I am not aware of an app that behaves exactly the way you describe. There are lots of members in the Community so maybe someone else will have an app they use.

Have you considered using Republic Anywhere as your messaging/texting app. This allows you delete the texts on your phone while keeping a copy on your computer. You can read more about that here:

Otherwise, I recommend the following app to folks who want a backup copy of their texts. I don’t know if there is a desktop client that reads the backup files though. You could restore the files to an Android device.


Just to add there are many programs that read XML files on computers. For example, Windows Excel.

@johnny5 @d.n0d8rz If Excel doesn’t work, you can use XML Notepad 2007 from Microsoft. It’s old but works fine on Win 10:


Thanks for putting out a specific option for me, I’ll try it out. If anyone else has any other good ideas, I would love hear them.


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