Backup moto x gen 2 photos on flash drive


Trying to back up photos from Motorola x gen 2 to a flash drive. I want to store photos on the thumb drive and free up space on the phone. I have the proper usb connection on the thumb drive just cannot figure out how to move photos from the phone to the thumb drive


It might be easier to use a Cloud based storage to transfer your photos/videos over WiFi.

Like Dropbox. u get 2GB free storage. Just install app on phone, create account, and it will upload all the files to the cloud.
U install the Dropbox software on your computer also, log into your account and it will download the files to you PC. U then could transfer them off to you usb stick.

Google Photos also is a good option.

As far as usb stick connected to the phone, u would need to be sure the usb stick is a OTG type or use a OTG adapter cable to connect it. The phone would pop up a notice saying that it detects the flash drive. U may have to change the USB mode to “Transfer Files”/
U then would use a File manager app to manual transfer the files to the USB stick.
They would be in a folder called DICM on the phone.


Hi @baynej,

Connect the USB drive to the phone.

On the phone open the Settings app.
Tap Storage
Scroll down to the bottom, there’s a section titled, “USB disk.” If necessary, tap “Mount USB On-The-Go storage”

In order to move files to the USB drive on the Moto X 2nd Gen, you’ll need to use a file manager app. I use Moto File Manager. If it’s not already on your phone, you can get it here:

This one: also seems very popular among our members.

Use the file manager app much as you would the File Explorer program on a Windows computer to select files and copy them to the USB drive.

If you need more specific steps, please let me know.


Thanks, I was missing the moto file manager app. Makes sense now.


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