Bad reception at home

What phone do you have? Moto version

What plan are you on? My choice / + 3 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

WiFI full bars but can’t receive or make calls unless outside my house. Works everywhere else. Have booster because of metal roof.

RW being Republic Wireless notices? That says: Connected to TP-Link_8165

Sorry, sent too early.

model Moto g(7) power
App Version

Did the refresh. Anything else or just see if that helps?

Thanks for the quick feedback, let’s see if that makes a difference

  • To summarize:
    • Moto G7 Power
    • RW App latest at
    • Carrier GSM/T-Mobile
    • Connected to OP’s WiFi prior to Refresh
  • Questions:
    • What model is the TP-Link router?

No difference yet. Tried calling a couple of people that I don’t get good reception with and one didn’t go through it all.

The Wi-Fi model is TL- WR902AC(US) very 3.0

I’ve been told that Verizon is the only service that receives here. I really don’t want to change and I really don’t want to pay their price but I may have to.

You may want to try this to eliminate the poor cell coverage as a possible cause.

  • Place you phone in Airplane Mode and then enable the WiFi (Settings/ Network & internet … toggle WiFi back on)
    • Place call to same contact you got poor reception with … did this make a difference?
  • What is your Zipcode? so one of us can check to see if possibly Sprint might be better for you
  • Who is your ISP? (asking as it appears this is a travel router, and is used on some local WISP’s)

I’m not at home so I’ll try that when I get home. My zip is 30531.

That worked! Excellent. Now do I need to take it off Airplane mode when I leave the house?

If you still need it where would I find the ISP? The booster is pulling from my Niece’s house across the field in case that factors.

  • Is the booster pulling Cellular or WiFi from you Niece …
    • Essentially what I am trying to determine is who is providing your Internet that feeds the router your phone connects to, when not on cellular.
  • Turning off Airplane Mode, varies by phone, but if you go to Settings/ Network & internet, you should find a slide to toggle Airplane Mode On/Off
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It’s WIFI.

Yes, easy to switch. Would that affect cell service when not near the WIFI?

  • So, my understanding is that you are essentially using your Niece’s Internet connection … and that works fine if you go into Airplane Mode and turn the WiFi on
  • When you are out and about on cellular you will just have to remember to take it out of AirPlane Mode
    • To check out which cellular SIM might be best for you it is suggested you use these two coverage maps to compare your specific address.
  • If after you checking you feel that Sprint/CDMA, would possibly provide better coverage for you see How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help

That’s right. Thanks for your help. Seriously thanks!!!

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This is what I think you have … essentially, your Niece who lives nearby is serving as your ISP (Internet Service Provider) acting as a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider)

  • I think this is an excellent idea for sharing resources with others, and it would be helpful if we knew what equipment was used at your Niece’s house?
    This sets up two networks which are labeled 1 and 2 in the illustration
    TP-Link provides this setup document here

Thanks for the information. I’ll check with them as soon as I can and see if this is how they have it configured. They have a friend that works for the local cable company that has been doing this stuff for them.

Still working well at this end and have had a few phone calls with the more difficult people to connect with. It’s so hugely better I can’t tell you. it’s been in the low to mid-90s and having to go out to the front porch to make phone calls has been uncomfortable :slight_smile:


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Hi again. Still issues but not sure with my phone. How do I find out if Sprint has better reception for where I am? Cornelia, GA 30531

Use your specific address (don’t post here) … then drill down, as there looks to be pockets of ‘fair’ coverage in the zip code area (which usually translates to step outside)
For CDMA - use Sprints map

How do I switch to Sprint from T-Mobile? Looks like the service will be a lot better.

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