Bad sim and 4days no response from help ticket

So, rw sent me a new sim card to update my coverage. I added it to my phone how they told me and now the phone won’t accept that sim or my old one… Now I have no working phone. I put a help ticket in 4days ago and haven’t heard a thing??? What is going on here?? Trying go be alright with all this but, 4 days?? Any suggestions anyone before I just find a company that has customer service that will actually help me?

I would post your ticket number and one of the ambassadors will contact Republic in your behalf.

Republic also has a chat line. I just checked and it showing that it’s available as of 6:21 Pacific time. Click on the open ticket at the bottom of the help page. Republic Help

Hi @kelleyq.hthbgn

Sorry to hear you are having this issue and I agree that 4 days without support is problematic. Have you checked your Help Request to ensure RW is not waiting for a reply from you?.

If you don’t mind posting your Ticket # I can request they look into the situation on your behalf…(note: we cannot see any info contained in the request, but can use the number for reference).

I tried to chat for help but they said I had to go through the help ticket. My ticket number is 1104479

Yes, I have looked and there is no response. My ticket number is1104479

Thank you @kelleyq.hthbgn

A support specialist is reviewing your help request. I’ll update this thread when they respond, in the meantime, keep an eye on your open request for more information.

I’m having the same problem. Just got a new republic moto g4, but the sim card isn’t identified. Pulling it out and reinserting it has no effect. And it’s definitely the sim because when I insert a T-Mobile sim it identifies it just fine.

The sim card and phone came from rw? Did you put in a help ticket yet?

Hi @kelleyq.hthbgn ,

Thank you for posting here when your ticket remained silent for too long. I’m glad we were able to get some attention to your ticket, and I apologize for the delay. While I appreciate your “trying to be alright with this” we definitely do not want anyone waiting 4 days for a response, and we will look into what may have gone wrong there.

I see you and @josiahh.ax10hn are both getting help in your ticket now and it looks like things are on track to be resolved today, if they aren’t already resolved. Please let us know if there is anything further we can do.

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