Bad sim ? bad sim ? bad sim ? what to do!

I just today received and installed NEW sim into a motorola x 1049 , however , just like the sim that came WITH the phone , phone says SIM card error

Was the SIM sent by support? If so, and this is the 2nd SIM with the error, it’s likely the phone SIM reader has failed. Given that the X1 is approaching 5 years since release, failure isn’t completely unexpected.

I bought the sim " directly " from republic knowing it was to " fit " into moto X 1049 … and it does with the " republic " logo and card info facing front and contact area facing back of phone , won’t fit any other way

You can’t buy a SIM from Republic for that phone, it has to come from support. You’ll need to open a ticket and request a SIM. The SIMs you can buy are only for the newer phones.

wish REPUBLIC would have made that known … I even tried to get them to list all LEGACY phones under B.Y.O.P. but if it makes any sense … at republic … it falls on deaf ears … or someone who knows only to tell you to submit a ticket … !

If you use the compatibly checked on the SIM card page, it doesn’t list the legacy phone. There’s a reason that the legacy phones aren’t on the BYOP page, that’s because they’re not true BYOP, only the specific Republic version works with Republic and it doesn’t work with the BYOP SIM.

The only way to solve your problem is with a ticket. It may not be what you want to hear, but it is the answer.

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I did open a ticket

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