Bandwidth CEO (and Republic Co-founder) Talks About Republic

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I like how that page profiles that RW laid off 20% of its “workforce”…o kinda a scary big number there…

Small company with not many employees, say under 50, that mean it was only a few people.
I used to work for small company of 5 employees, fire 1 of them, thats 20% of the companys employees.

That’s of little consolation if you were one of the employees let go. Please practice a little empathy.


I was…I was the 1 in the example I gave after that.

U seemed to miss the point I was making about the statistic though.
How the media and others exaggerated the detail and made many folks tick it was 1,000s of people lost their jobs, when in reality…less than 10 i think it was.

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