BANDWIDTH IPO Options for customers, new or Beta?



What plans are there for making stock available to original customers, or even new ones?


I don’t know if there be any republic was spun off from Bandwidth awhile ago


Make available as in give it to us? One can always buy it if one feels it’s a wise investment. :wink:


Have I missed some trend where companies that IPO somehow do something for their customers with the company stock?


I might be misguided in my thinking. But, in large part, I think RW serves an economic demo that probably doesn’t invest much in stocks. :chart_with_upwards_trend:


Well, not really. IPO is Initial Public Offering which I believe is offered to brokers, market makers and insiders, (customers?) , BEFORE the actual Public Offering. Could be wrong. But since RW is now independent it wouldn’t matter anyway.


Initial Public Offering is exactly what it says, initial sale to the general public. There is something known as a pre-IPO placement: As you observe, it’s a moot point.