Bank of America app

Bank of America app has a multiple “call now” links listed under Help & Support/ Help & Contact.

Each one gives the error “Republic Wireless: Dialed number not allowed”.

This needs to be fixed.

Hi Brent, welcome to the community. My guess is that the app is trying to dial a number with pauses, to get you to a specific department and I’m afraid that Republic doesn’t allow dialing numbers other than 10-digit numbers (no pauses and menu navigation are possible). Unfortunately, the means using the links to directly dial won’t work.


Indeed. I just tired this and I see the number flash up for a sec, it has a comma “,” in it. I guess that is a pause.

One would just need to dial the main 1-800 number that is printed on the back of your card.
You end up at the same automated system where u just tell the thing what u need and it will route you to where it needs to.


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