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The bank (Wells Fargo) says I must ask you to “Activate short code messages”. I was able to log on to the bank for months until about Wednesday of last week. pLEASE FIX.

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Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

Our team has initiated the process to have the short code work with our service. It is, however, a process that can take up to 12 weeks.


Wells Faro recently had 2 MAJOR outages that crashed their whole banking system for 2 full days.
I am still locked out of my account, mainly due to having their Advanced Security enabled that requires a text sent to your phone to login to accounts. They state they fixed it but they have not. SO you may be experiencing issue leftover from their previous issues.

I cannot get the WF system to send me a text or call. I has locked me out for too many attempts.

Personally, Wells Fargo is a horrible company, with a very colorful history of shaddy and illegal activities that have been in the news the last few years. I would recommend going elsewhere for your banking needs. I am. Been a customer for 16yrs. No more.



Thanks for the reply. I have been using the WF twp-step sign-on for about six months. This involved receiving a “text” with a code number. I would put the code into a box at the WF sight and my account would open and I had full access. There was never a problem. I stopped having the ability to receive WF texts about last Wednesday or Thursday. This coincides with your system up-grade period. 12 weeks sounds awfully long for this request. Please review and advise. Regards, John


Here is a work around:

When you get the window to request the code, switch delivery method to Phone Call. For awhile call back was not working but it is now. WF will call you with an access code. Once you’re in, I suggest temporarily changing your security settings.

In my case I set it, to NOT ask for an access code on the WF app.


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Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

While the loss of access to the short code does coincide with our maintenance window, the two are not related. It also coincides with an outage Wells Fargo experienced that appears to be the more likely cause.

I hope Wells Fargo will fix something on their end so that the service will not take so long to restore.


This is further to my problem with two step account verification at Wells Fargo. I spent 45 mins at the bank today working with them on the problem. I can get into my acccount. When I request two step verification the site asks me to request a code. The code is a six digit number. It is to be sent as a text message to my phone. i have a Moto G5 phone. The text does not reach the phone. We tried several times and it did not work. A WF person used my phone to send a short message. It didn’t work. WF says Republic must acctivate short messages on my phone for it to work. When I got home I logged onto the Northwest Mutual Insurance site. They require two-step sign on. I asked for a code and they sent one to my phone. It came right away and I was able to successfully sign on. I am in the middle between Republic and WF. I want the two step verification for better ecurity. Can you please help. The person I worked with at WF is David Clouston. His phone number is■■■■ He said he would take a call from Republic.

I don’t want anymore involvement. I just want to hear that it is working again. I used the twp-step process with this phone for at least six month prior to last week. I have the same bank, the same service provider. Something changed last week. It shouldn’t be up to me, your customer, to fix the problem. I look forward to a favorable reply.


Hi @johnv.0mfgla,

I’m sorry you’ve had to put so much time into this. We have escalated the issue with the service provider responsible for our short codes, and they are actively investigating. We do have many menbers who are Wells Fargo customers, and we understand the importance of having this functionality working.


Yes. Wells Fargo epically failed at how to run a datacenter and it has been revealed they have improper fall-back/backup procedures and systems in place.

The issue with RW and WF short codes, as far as I understand it, is ENTIRELY a Wells Fargo issue, not at all anything to due with RW. I have been told by some friends and contacts of mine, who are not on RW, but are with a major carrier, that they can not get the text codes or calls either.

I truly do hope Wells Fargo will resolve the issue. But for me, I have changed banks. And I strongly advise everyone do the same.


Here is a little bit more on my problems using two-step verification with WF. I tried to sign-up at their site. I asked the site to turn on the two step process. When I logged in I got the screen that asks me to request a code. I did request the code. It did not come to my phone. I gave up and had WF remove to two step log on. Here is what is interesting… I have Antywhere on my Windows PC. The code from WF showed up on my PC. Obviously there is something blocking the code from my phone. Again, I have a MotoG5 sp phone. My phone receives short messages from Google, Vanguard, Northwestern Mutual Life and many others. I hope someqne figures this out before long. John V


Odd. I too have Anywhere on my PC and it never got and still wont get the SMS code from Wells Fargo.