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Nah I was told this by the regional manager over the phone, my local banker was unable to help me but they had helped me before.


Speaking as a former “regional manager” in banking, generally, one wouldn’t have much influence in the technology realm (particularly in a bank the size of Wells Fargo). I’m certain the individual is well intentioned and hope they are able to help get the issue resolved for you but wouldn’t be overly confident.


Can you please direct me to the Wells Fargo statement that it would take 3 months to resolve?

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That is what Wells Faro told Republic at first, however, that is no longer the case.
Wells Fargo has chosen not to support RW numbers.
See this post.


I have also been trying to get this resolved between RW and WF. Here is what I just received from WF:

*Thank you for replying to our email. My name is Lakeyia, and it’s my *
pleasure to assist you today.

Mr. G***, I received your email inquiry to confirm if Wells Fargo *
*has disabled short codes traffic to numbers that are not assigned to a *
*major carrier. I certainly understand the importance of resolving this *
issue as quickly as possible

*As of today 03/09/2019, there are no changes to the policy for short *
*code traffic to numbers that are not assigned to a major carrier. *

*Please contact your mobile provider to ensure that Short Code text *
messaging is active.

*If you continue to experience problems or have any further questions, *
please call us anytime at■■■■

Thank you for your business. We’re happy to have you as our customer.

Pretty sure they are denying any intentional limitation of their short code application.


From what I’ve read elsewhere here, it’s probably a simple matter of the representative you’re communicating with not knowing what the current policy is. At this point, I’m uncertain Wells Fargo knows what their internal policy is. I do know generally Republic doesn’t block short codes and would have no reason to single out Wells Fargo.

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