Basic Phone (ie. non "smart" phone


Here’s a novel idea. Why not be on the cutting edge of the trend of ditching the smartphone? How about supporting a basic phone? I understand that using WiFi as the default is how Republic keeps it’s costs down, but how about offering a basic phone (even “semi/almost” smart phone that doesn’t support browsing. Just a solid, low cost phone that works off of WiFi when available (for calls only). We might be surprised at how many folks are addicted to their smartphones and need a phone to help them break the addiction.


This would require designing a dumb phone that utilizes wifi and then finding a way to provide service without the Republic App. And after all that engineering investment, you’re in the land of tracfone and consumer cellular. I have no idea what Republic’s advantage or selling message would be in that space. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t get it.

I think the closest you’re likely to get with Republic is whatever the cheapest device they sell is and then you can install a “simple” launcher that has nothing but a calling and texting button.


Something like this but without any native apps but the dialer and contact list?


Too bad the American market isn’t really open to a smart flip phone:

These phones while flip and are simplified do run on android and have wifi built in and should be able to support the Republic software. Inherently, it takes more effort to use the phone and it could allow for a more simplified home screen design.

Though these weren’t cheap either…


Is the appeal of these a physical keypad? They’re not dumb phones like the OP is looking for.


They aren’t true dumb phones but they are almost though. The Samsung one looks more like a traditional android but with proper skinning and shortcuts, I could see one that acts just like the old dumb phones are like.


I would love to have the option of a smart phone just without a screen. This would be a responsible choice for me as I’m raising teenage boys and don’t like the idea with how convenient it is to view porn. I’m not dumb enough to believe this option alone will keep their minds pure. I think it would be huge with this epidemic we are and will be facing. Bottom line… it’s not a matter of if… it’s a matter of when. I believe the average age a child viewes porn is at 10 years old. Our kids are being targetted to X Rated sick explicit [redacted]!!! I realize If someone is looking for it they will find it but I Hate the idea of how the porn industry targets children.

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Maybe Republic Relay is your answer.


Yep I believe so. I’m hoping they will be available for Christmas. Does anyone know if this will be possible?


I’m afraid Christmas is a no. The Relay website says “early 2018”.