Basic phone - no data?


I am wondering if anyone has had this come up, and found a solution. We are not ready to get our oldest daughter (11 years) a phone. But I would like to have a basic text/talk phone available to leave at home, or have her take when she babysits at the neighbors. What is the best solution? I looked it up and there are no flip phone options through Republic- is this right? Do I just get a super basic phone and buy the simplest plan or is there a way to do this even cheaper if we have no data? Thanks!


Republic is a different type of carrier they are a hybrid WiFi first VoIP with cell backup, as such they need phones with WiFi and the smarts to handle this network, I don’t expect a feature phone to be added
I would like to point out a new type of device republic been working on call the relay


This is awesome! Thanks for the helpful reply! I’m looking into this now!!!