Basic plan that doesn't include any data?

My kids both have a plan that is cell text/talk only without any data. I assume my daughter will be “grandfathered” in, but my son needs a new phone as his no longer connects to the cell service. We have been waiting for the store to reopen for more than a week using a phone that only works on WiFi.

Can anyone clarify? Will he be able to get a new phone and continue with the no data phone plan we have had or are we going to be forced into a data plan?
Thanks for the assist!

Good Morning @angelk.xwy1yl,

There is not a no data option among Republic’s new 5.0 plans.

To determine what might be possible as far as replacing your son’s phone with one that might be used with his current plan, we need some additional information.

What is the brand, model and (if applicable) generation of your son’s current phone?

Which SIM type is his phone provisioned with? Presuming his phone remains otherwise functional, here’s how to tell:

Do you see GSM or CDMA as the SIM type?


Hey, apologize for the delay in response, but thank you for answering initially…

He has a Moto e5 Play and from those directions, I find GSM as the SIM type.
Thanks again for your assistance!

Hi @angelk.xwy1yl,

It will not be possible to purchase a new phone for use with your son’s current plan from Republic. It is, however, quite possible to purchase a phone compatible with his current no data plan from a third party retailer. Good choices, in my opinion, for third party retailers are Best Buy and B&H Photo. There’s also, of course, Amazon and depending upon the phone of interest the option of purchasing from the manufacturer directly.

Republic’s list of phones compatible with your son’s current no data plan is linked here:

If there’s a particular phone of interest on that list and you let us know which one, we will do our best to point you to a third party source.

Once you have the new phone in hand, you would move your son’s service (number and plan) by moving the SIM from his Moto E5 play to the new phone. Some detail on that is linked here:

You can skip the part about determining which SIM type he has because you’ve just been kind enough to provide that information.


Thanks so much for your help.
He’s decided what would be easiest, and most likely most cost effective, is to just get another of the phone he already has. We attempted to purchase one from eBay based on the numbers that were listed on the Republic link, but the phone apparently required a specific provider (which was not how the ad was listed). Rather than go through this process again, we were hoping you might be able to better steer us.

He has the Moto e5 Play, so if you have any links or suggestions on a third party carrier, I would be VERY grateful.
Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Frankly anything similar to the Moto e5 Play would be an acceptable option - he’s looking for something affordable because he has to pay for this replacement on his own (and he’s only 15). Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi @angelk.xwy1yl,

I’m very sorry not to have replied sooner. As you might have noticed with the rollout of new plans, there is heightened Community activity and I somehow managed to miss that you had replied.

The closest compatible phone to your son’s Moto E5 play currently sold at Motorola’s website is the Moto G Play linked here:

If $150 is beyond his budget, please let me know and I’ll see what else I might come up with.


It’s completely not your responsibility to locate a phone for us, though I do appreciate the assistance. I was hoping to pick up a used phone, bc his budget is really more around the $50 range… I will keep looking.
But in checking the list of viable phones, I saw a new “alert” at the top that indicated the phones on the list were no longer able to be activated - I’m assuming this wouldn’t apply if we are just shifting a SIM card to the phone?
Unfortunately, I fear we may be on the hunt for a new provider :frowning:
Thanks again for your assistance.

That assumption is correct.

You’re most welcome!

Hi @angelk.xwy1yl,

Before looking elsewhere for a phone more in your son’s price range, may I send you some information by direct message?

yes, for sure - do you have access to that, or do I need to post it here in the public forum?

No, I’m able to direct message you. I simply didn’t wish to do so without an invitation. I’ll be following-up via direct message shortly.