Battery Drain by Republic Wireless and Android OS

My battery is draining quickly with 25% being used by Republic Wireless and 16% by the Android OS. Any ideas hhoe to fix?

Sorry your post hasn’t gotten any responses.

What is the net battery life that you are getting from your phone?
Have you made any recent changes to your phone? Is your Republic Wireless
App up to date?
Also, can you let us know which phone model?

Thanks for responding.

The battery lasts 2 days max when it isn’t used much. One day if a few calls are made.

The app is up to date and no recent changes have been made.

It is a Moto G 3rd gen.

It went down 51% since 6PM last night (it is now 7:40PM so less than 24 hours) with 4 incoming short phone calls, one call to check voice mail and one text sent.

Battery use is as follows:

Republic wireless 19%

Android OS 16%

Screen 5%

Cell Stand by 4%


Republic telephony 1 %

Android syst 1%

Phone idle 1%



This is normal battery usage for a phone of that age, not much you can do to make it much better.

Unfortunately, what you are seeing is a typical battery degradation with age. I used to see similar spikes in RW app and Cell Standby usage on my Moto X1… in my case… I was spending half the time away from WiFi…seems like you might be connected to WiFi more often so RW app is the primary contributor to your battery usage.

Thank you. I’ll get the battery replaced.


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