Battery drain issue


Bend, glad you brought this up. It happened to me, also, on my Nexus 6P though I had enough data to cover it. I’m always on wifi so was surprised to see that Android had used 20% of my battery since full recharge. I thought it might be a result of being an Android beta participant. I’ll be watching to see if you/we get an answer.


Hi bend
I have the same problem but it is the mto5G+ an it appears to be the android os sys.
Checking my battery status an it is the biggest user. only get about 30hrs of use on 1 charge all my apps are disabled but for the ones to operate the phone an calls. I have done every thing but a factory reset


Hi Morris here yes I have done all this Iam down to bare bones . To day I have not had it on very much an I have a lot of battery left. The only app was stand by.
so it did not use any data at all still have 95% left. This on Moto G5+. So to night I will really put it to the test. What Phone are you using?


Another thing I noticed on my phone. After updating to Android 7, Google Play Store was reset to Auto Update apps at any time! This could possibly be the culprit for the data consumption that many are experiencing. Especially if their WiFi connection gets briefly interrupted then the upgrade and updates will download over Cell Data instead of WiFi.

To prevent further Data consumption, go to Google Play Store
Tap on the 3 bars in the upper left corner
Scroll down to Settings
Tap on Auto Up-Date Apps
Choose either Do not auto-update apps or Auto-update apps over WiFi only

Also noticed that my Parental Controls were turned off too, so that had to be reset as well.


Well iam going to check what data useage is in the morning right now it is running is running normal an I have no android os showing up on the battery usage like I have had
Will get back to you in the let you know how every thing is going
Thanks for all the heip.


Hi littletoucan
Well have tested this morning an the phone had not used very much battery. right now
it is at 82% .One thing I noticed is android os is at 1% usage The only thing I changed was put the battery saver on. So we will see how it effects the phone use today.
So far no tbl at this time every thing is working as it should. An thanks a lot for all the info an help.


The thing I found out so far is my 2 phones are a little different as in the Google Play Service.

  1. Nexus 5X That app does not use that much data an android os does not use much
    data an not much Battery .So I only have to charge the phone every 2 days.
  2. My Moto5G Play The battery use for Google Play Service Is about7% an over all data
    use for the month is about 16.8 MB . I found the android os was a battery chomper. AS
    stated above I put it on battery saver an so far today is has made a big difference in the
    useage. I still have 78% battery left an have used like worked it hard Heavy use .


You may notice after awhile that certain apps will drain your battery faster as well as use a lot of background data. I had to remove an app that I used a lot on Moto Pure, but for some reason it was draining the battery on my Samsung. Don’t know if it was an update or what that made it battery hungry.

If the phone is idle, it may seem like Android is using a lot of battery power. If the phone is idle then Android is the only thing that would be using power, so the percentage will be higher.


I dont know if i found the right solution or not But on the moto5g+ I turned on battery saver. an it has made a huge gain. As 0f now I still have 61% battery left
since last charge 1day 16hrs. and have 10 of my app that I use all the time plus it does not
hamper any calls out going or in comeing an every thing syc ok. so will leave it on and
see what happens. The android os is only 3% now , The whole data use is way down.


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That is great! I don’t think you could make any more effeciant than that.


Thanks alot for the help an all the suggestions. Right now I still have 50% battery I have not used my phone much this This after noon. So a Happy camper
This on the Moto5G+ It looks like this may be a solution for Battery drain, on the moto,s


Al so you might like accubattery it is on g play I did a research about it an comes with high recomendation for being very accurate. Might check it out an see if you can use this app


Here is where I’m at a disadvantage since my Moto Pure didn’t get Android 7 upgrade yet. BUT, my Samsung comes with Battery, Storage, etc maintenance software built into it, so I don’t know if your Moto G5 would have the same software built in like Samsung does. If it does, then there is no need to use additional apps to monitor your battery as they would only use the power you want to save.

That being said, it might be useful for a side by side comparison with Androids measurements and the apps measurements. Just a thought.


You are right. I had the battery app on my nexus 5x an there was not much different
then the stock one on the phone. But it did show the cpu load at the time i was on line
Well any way The moto5g+ is tuned an working like a champ an it is the android 7.0 load,an nexus5x is 7.1.2 load An thanks for the help learned a lot.


So glad to be of assistance!


OK, Is this issue resolved? Is there a post in this topic we can mark as fixing the issue?


Yes it is solved The forum has been a big help an a little testing an advise it is fixed for now.


I guess any one of them posted here. l I would say littletoucans post,s


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