Battery drain, Moto E5 Play

What phone do you have? Moto E5 Play

What plan are you on? MyChoice +1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

Issue Description

Battery life has been very good since purchase maybe a year ago. Lasts 3-4 days on my small usage. Suddenly the battery drains rapidly, does not even last a day on full charge. Drained from 100% to 6% overnight even though on airplane mode! No recent app additions but a friend sent a youtube link over text messaging. Not sure what to do.

Here is Motorola’s advice for extending battery life:

Draining from 100% to 6% overnight in airplane mode seems like a real problem. Perhaps there is a battery hardware issue. You may want to contact Motorola:

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Hi @larryc.woo and welcome to the Member Community. Might be worth trying a battery calibration. Here’s the procedure from Motorola for the E5 –


Thank you for pointing me to the clear directions! It says my ES File Manager used 91% of the battery in 12 hours. I have had this app many months with no activity, maybe something woke it up. I am uninstalling it and recharging the phone. Doing the battery recalibration as suggested by freddyp while I am at it. Hopefully this will be the simple answer!!! Thanks again.

Looks like you may have found the problem. I’m always skeptical of third party apps. Files by Google is what I use as a file manager:


Great, thank you!

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