Battery drain on moto g3

Hey yall - as the title says, the battery on my Moto g3 is suddenly draining to 0% between 9 and 5 after a full charge - and i don’t use my phone then, typically. i’ve had the phone just over 2 years.
sometimes it shuts off when the % says it’s not dead - i’ve seen it go off as high as 21% battery.

also, the clock sometimes changes for no apparent reason. i have automatic time zone on, so maybe it’s confused, but it takes a restart to fix.

here’s screengrabs of my battery - i check every day, have for the past few weeks, and they always look about like this. no apps draining a significant portion of the battery. is it just dying? it’s old, wouldn’t be surprised.

i do want to stress - no major changes happened to this phone between it not starting this and it happening. no new apps, and i keep my cache clear. it is still doing it after a factory reset performed 2 days ago.

A Moto G3 is an older phone by now. (released in 2015) May be that the battery is failing.
I wudl suggest clearing the system cache. See if that helps.

You can also run the phone in Safe Mode and see if that results in normal battery usage, if so, it is a software/app issue.

Worst case, backup your data, and do a Factory Reset to start Fresh.
If that doe snot help, certainly a failing battery.

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woops, i edited my post to add that - i do keep the cache clear, and just did a reset a couple days ago. i didn’t try safe mode, but is that worth trying even after a factory reset?

anyway, thanks for confirming my fear! o well, time to upgrade ■■■■.

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If you didn’t add any apps or do anything to the phone other than activate it…then trying Safe mode proably would be a waste of time at this point.

You could look into getting the battery replaced, but most likely the cost may not be worth it.

If you do get a new phone, note that the current 3.0 or BYOP Compatible phones require the My Choice Plan and also use a different network partner (GSM Tmobile). The old Legacy 2.,0 phones are locked to the Refund based plan and the CDMA Sprint Network. So your coverage will be different, but most of those new phones can support a CDMA SIM should you find GSM coverage bad.

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Hi @ellisb,

That depends - did you restore all your apps, or did you test it after factory resetting, with only the stock apps? If you restored all your apps, you may have also restored whatever is draining your battery.


didn’t think of that, i did reinstall netflix and friendly for facebook after the reset.
in that case, i guess i better try safe mode out, see if i can get a couple weeks more out of it.

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Your 2nd screenshot shows a fairly poor Cellular network signal and this may be a partial cause of the short battery life.

  • You may want to place the phone in Airplane Mode and then turn WiFi back on. (The phone will just keep turning up the transmit power in an attempt to match the low incoming signal, which is a known battery burner)

will i still be able to receive calls?

This would limit your receiving calls to WiFi, and is suggested only as a technique to determine what may be the underlying cause of the short battery life.

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