Battery Drain Problem

Both my wife and I have a Moto G (3rd generation). Lately, we have both been having the same problem, which is that the battery on both phones is draining more quickly than usual. Also, both phones are taking longer to charge. The phones were not purchased at the same time, by the way, so it shouldn’t be an issue of the age of the phones. I checked the battery usage on my phone just now, and it says that screen and cell standby are the greatest users at 15% and 13% respectively, so there doesn’t appear to be a problem with a particular app. I’ve noticed that my battery drains faster when I am in an area of poor service, but that hasn’t been the case.

Can anyone offer any insights as to what might be causing this?

Hi @jazzsinger

I would suggest Clearing the Cache on the phone(s) and see if that improves the battery life. You could also try running one of the phones in Safe Mode and then compare to see if there is a common app that could explain the higher consumption you have been experiencing.

I cleared my cache last night, and got some improvement. It was burning about 10%/hr. Now it’s “down to” 6%/hour – burned through 60% in 10 hours…

Curiously, my cell standby just recently jumped from 15-20% up to 34%… Meanwhile, my screen is using 4%… This is nonsense…

Sure wish I could identify which app(s) were eating the power, and be able to turn them off… (why should a “standby” do the opposite of save power?)

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