Battery Draining Because Can't Stay Connected to Wifi


Here are my specs: Moto g(7)play - purchased February 14, 2020; MyChoice Talk and Text plan; No data is included in the plan.

Approximately two months ago I began to experience problems with my battery starting to drain quickly. For example, I charged my phone to 100% last night and by morning it was down to 52% this morning with no use. I’ve checked to see battery usage details and the percentages don’t add up to what is being used. Right now, the battery is down to 9% full and the battery usage stats show a total of 37%.

I have also tried to switch battery saver to come at 42% full but this has not helped.

I believe the issue involves the phone not picking up a wifi or cell signal even though this was not a problem more than two months ago. It seems like the phone is constantly searching for a signal, but not finding it. It is worth noting that my spouse’s Republic Wireless phone has no problem. (and we live in the same 1400 square foot house!)

I have missed some calls because the phone doesn’t think it has a signal and, sometimes when I turn it on, it will initially say no signal and connect after a second or two.

Note that while I am actively using the phone, it keeps the wifi/cell signal.

This is super annoying. Any help would be much appreciated.


Some information needed to help us help you

We are both on CDMA. It is also weird because the phone had no problems the first couple of months I had it.

Unfortunately, I just did the refresh about an hour ago. Since my phone is charging right now, I can’t tell you if that helped, but I will let you know this evening or tomorrow morning.

That helps rule out the cell strength a bit

  • Now if you could go into your Republic Wireless App / Home / and Select the ? tab at the top and ‘Run diagnostics test’, let’s see if this picks up anything.
  • How did you determine that its using up the battery looking for the WiFi signal?
  • Cell & WiFi connectivity is an either-or situation, and the RW Notification will let you know how it is connected (1 finger swipe down from the Status/top) the various states are documented in What are the Connectivity Status Notifications? – Republic Help
  1. The diagnostics did say there is a WiFi cross-Channel. I ran a separate wifi-analyzer and it looks like minor crossover. I will still try to figure out how to change our channel.
  2. That’s a good question on the cause. We are assuming that is the cause, but are not 100% positive. Our reasons for assuming that is (1) the fact that the battery usage data accounts for such a small amount of the battery actually used, (2) there are many times when I pick up the phone and see the “no network connection” (red triangle with an exclamation point) for 1-2 seconds when the phone “wakes up”, and (3) I have had a few times when the phone didn’t ring on an incoming call - I think it couldn’t pick up because it thought there was no signal. I also have very few apps on my phone and haven’t downloaded a new one since I got the phone.

Thank you very much for your time on this.

UPDATE I changed the Wi-Fi channel to 8 (current tests show someone in the 10-12 range), and republic still says that I have the wifi cross-channel issue. )-:

The normal recommendation for best channels are 1/6/11 as these are the only 2.4 GHz channels that don’t overlap … depending on the strength of the 10-12 user I would still pick the 1/6/11 with the largest spread between you and them
On the Diagnostic, it appears that the signal strength isn’t being considered, but normally a signal that is 25 db lower isn’t considered interference.

  • When the phone didn’t ring on an incoming call and you saw the red triangle in the Notification is an indication that Android Doze has shut off your WiFi radios. When you pick up the phone the display turning on brings it back to normal.
    • This indication has been changed in the latest RW App

The channel was originally on 1 before I changed it, but I have now changed it to 11.

I am running version I will see tonight if all of these changes helped and will let you know. Thanks!

Overnight, my battery only lost 8%. That is a HUGE improvement. Assuming it does the same tonight, I will consider this fixed. Thank you so much!

Not sure it’s time to consider a ‘fix’ … but certainly some changes to monitor … thanks for digging into this and providing well documented feedback (it’s how some of us try to keep keep up with the kids)

  • If your in a fringe cell area, the OS keeps cranking up the power to try to overcome a weak signal
  • On the 8%, when you drill down on the usage, is that the total or a particular app/function that is showing high

The 8% is total. My battery was at 81% when I went to bed and 73% this morning. The battery usage shows normal stuff - only chrome and Gmail are over 1%.

That is a good question on the cell coverage. We are twenty miles from Milwaukee, so it should be good coverage, but I also know it is not perfect. I will try the app if things still annoy me. (-:

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Okay, you were right not to call it a fix yet. My battery was at 93% when I went to bed last night and it’s down to 38% this morning. I swear I don’t sleep-use my phone!

Could you provide a screenshot of the graph shown when you view Settings / Battery / Usage Details

Here you go!

ok, thanks again for the prompt response. Not having a Moto G7 Play at this time all I can think of offering is

  • Try going into the RW App / Settings / Data Tools / Data Freeze … this will restrict the phone from using cell data for other that Republic Wireless.
    • This would only apply when your in cell mode, it is being recommended to test if you are using excessive background cellular communication once the Android code puts it into Doze which shuts off the WiFi (usually after about an hour) … give this a try for a day to see if changes things for you
      ETA … here are some Tips to extend the battery life - moto g7 play from Motorola which provides a pretty extensive list, so possibly your not alone with the G7 problem :frowning:

I don’t have the data tools/ data freeze option. I see that my spouse does, so I am guessing this is just because I have no cellular data.

I looked through the motorola suggestions and they aren’t very helpful. I have turned off bluetooth, but that is fairly annoying to have to turn back on when I want to use it in the car. I have just downloaded the network cell info lite app as you suggested. I had turned off location as part of motorola’s suggestions, but the app required me to re-enable it.

If none of this works, what is my next step? My phone is only four months old and I think the battery should last more than 12 hours per charge. Thank you!

Hi @ambere.iufnkx in addition to the information and tests suggested by @jben I’ll jump in with a few other ideas.

  1. Always like to start battery troubleshooting with a fresh battery calibration. Just want to make sure system is calibrated and reporting good battery numbers.

  1. Next step, recommend you put the phone in Safe Mode and run it overnight to see if a 3rd party app is causing the issue. I know you said you don’t have many 3rd party apps but it might only take one bad actor.

I do not have a Moto G7 Play so not sure if Safe Mode will disable the RW app. The following document says Safe mode will not disable the Republic Wireless app on the Moto G7…let’s hope it’s the same for the G7 Play.

Here’s an article that lists some of the 3rd party apps that can causes issues – What 3rd Party Apps Are Problematic with Republic Wireless? – Republic Help

  1. A question about your WiFi. – Do you have both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks available?

If so, you could try logging on to the 5GHz network. This would eliminate the WiFi cross-Channel you reported on the 2.4 network. We’re running our Moto G6s on our 5GHz network. To reliability re-connect to the 5GHz each time we come back home, we simply “forgot” the 2.4GHz network so the phones do not try to connect to the 2.4 network.

Let’s see if any of this helps. Pretty easy troubleshooting steps. Troubleshooting is often the process of elimination. Don’t give up…there are other Community Members that might have some ideas too!

I did safe mode and that was a clear improvement.

I have very few apps (about eight) and uninstalled the only one I have added in the last several months. I then restarted the phone. I have none of the ones on the Republic’s list of known issues. Unfortunately, my phone still lost over 50% of the battery overnight (65% to 11%).

I will check the wifi at home (I am waiting at a doctor now). We do have two networks, but there are problems with the one we don’t use - Linksys said they couldn’t resolve the issue. It is functional, but I am guessing switching might not be a great idea. I don’t remember the GHz.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hi @ambere.iufnkx - glad to see you’re hanging in there and are willing to try additional troubleshooting steps. In an earlier post in this thread @jben stated –

It’s possible the combination at night (Doze turns WiFi off and cell increases power) could lead to increased battery drain. This is speculation on my part.

FWIW we run a macro using MacroDroid that turns the screen on our Moto G6s every 30 minutes. The screen times out in 15 seconds and shuts off. On our Moto G6s this is enough to keep the phone from going into Doze mode. Not sure if using the macro would resolve your battery usage issue or not. Here’s a thread about Managing Doze mode. Might be worth reading through.

There is always the option of last resort – a Factory Reset.

If you reach a point where you want to try the macro, I can DM some personal instructions I’ve written on how to download and setup a KISS-30 macro that turns the screen on every 30 minutes. There are more details about the macro HERE Might read through the post and see if any of the symptoms match your experience.

Hang in there!

I don’t like the idea of downloading more stuff. This does all seem weird and I would like the phone to work without added programs. I will resort to the factory reset when I have more time this weekend.

I hope that works, but I will let you know. Thanks again.

Hi @ambere.iufnkx certainly appreciate not loading your phone up with more stuff. We have less than a handful of apps we’ve added (including MacrDroid). We like to keep the number of extra apps to a minimum on our phones too!

Please read the factory reset procedures completely before starting the reset. Because you are factory resetting the phone to solve an issue, I’d suggest you set up the phone with no third-party apps during the reset. This will allow you to test a “clean” phone and hopefully there will be no battery issue. Then you can install your additional apps one at a time and test between each to make sure none are causing the existing battery problem.

Good luck and let us know how it goes :grinning:

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