Battery Draining

What phone do you have? Moto G3

What plan are you on? Base plan + .5GB Cell data (info taken from my phone)

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Talk & text, pay for .5GB Cell Data

Issue Description

About a week ago I noticed my battery draining even when I’m not using the phone at all. FWIW, I read the 3/29 thread regarding battery being used up by cell standby, but didn’t see a solution other than “it is what it is”. We live in a “hole” where there is very poor signal strength from towers in our area, which is one reason we switched to RW. I exclusively use WiFi for calls, text, data at home. Last night, my phone was fully charged at 11:00pm. I did not use my phone at all, and ensured that no apps were running (other than whatever RW uses to keep the phone going). My phone pinged me at 6:30 am stating I had 1% battery left. After reading the thread on here and getting no insight or instructions on how to bypass/disable the cell standby (which I don’t recall seeing in the 2.5 years I’ve owned the phone), I opened a trouble ticket. I have sent a couple of the screen shots requested, but cannot do a battery test because of having to shut the phone off for 6-8 hours, which leaves me without phone access for that length of time. Clearing my cache was suggested, but I do that on a regular basis. The VAST MAJORITY of my cache is taken up by RW apps that I assume cannot and should not be cleared. All that to say, the earlier thread on this topic was no help. Does anyone else have a resolution?

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

Weak cellular signal does cause increased battery drain, so you might try Airplane mode, then manually reenabling WiFi when on WiFi at home in as you describe it a coverage hole.

Other than that, candidly, you need to bite the bullet on the battery test. It’s the way to separate a software issue (a rogue app) from a hardware issue. It’s entirely possible the battery in your now going on four year old phone is failing.

Regarding “RW apps”, other than the Republic Wireless and Republic Telephony apps there are no RW apps on your phone. Apps on your phone you didn’t install came from Google or Motorola. By “vast majority of my cache” do you mean storage?

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Yes, by “vast majority” of my cache is when I go to storage. It’s labeled Apps (app data & media content). When I click on that, I don’t get a message saying anything about clearing the cache, I just see what’s running and what’s installed.

This issue just started happening in the past week or so. Has Cell Standby ALWAYS been on my phone? I don’t recall any updates specifically saying that Republic Wireless had enabled Cell Standby prior to the past week or so. It seems to me that this is a new feature, but maybe not.

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

You’ll see cell standby % usage in Phone settings when selecting Battery. It’s always been there and mine for example is 11%.

A few years back when folks had had battery drain issues on the now Legacy phones one of the standard suggestions was to clear the system cache. You may want to try it as I do on occasion. You can also try rebooting to safe mode which would help to determine if a user installed app is causing the issue. It’s possible an app recently updated and is now causing issues.

My G3 will be 3 years old next month and still hold a charge for 5-6 days. I make and receive few calls but phone is always on and do access data via WiFi for short periods of time most days.


Thanks! A couple of hours ago I was scrolling through my apps and found one that I forgot I had added within the last 10 days. I uninstalled it and my cell standby is now down to less than 8%. Before that, it was at 86%. My battery life now shows I should be good for almost 2 days!

Drat. I really wanted that Remind app on my phone so I could send mass text alerts to people in my company. Guess that won’t happen now. Sigh.


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