Battery indicator stuck at %100


The moto E2 may need a new battery? How much? Or OS upgrade. But I don’t see the point in spending more than $20 on a battery for a phone that is barely responsive on 5.1, when I know the E2 will never be usable unless on android 6.0.

Motorola lied to us about support on the Moto E2. Sorry, but the moto e2 runs like dog dukkie on android 5.1. But will run smooth on android 6. I know because I have 2 rooted fp e2s that I flashed to android 6. All 3, constantly flake out in 5. But Motorola keeps saying my RW phone is ineligible for unlock code.

Now, the battery indicator is broken on the rw phone, which I am paying rw $18 a month to keep alive.

Tell me, I have been loyal to RW for 6 years, but not they to me. So why would I spend $100 ish on a new phone, to pay $22 a month, when I can get new service for 2 gig data for $20 or $16 or $12, depending on company.

My loyalty revolved around a good business model that RW had. They no longer have one. The key was partial rollover data: 1/4 unused data roll over. But they seem to now be deaf to good ideas. So tell me why should I stay?

To answer my own question: 1. I might stay if I can get phone unlocked, rooted, upgraded. 2. Moto passed upgrade. 3. I can get a $10 old 2.0 phone. 4. Maybe, maybe, might be able to convince wife to carry two phones (one fp, one barely usable rw). 4.

I also think LG is the only manufacturer that cares about battery life for the user. The others are using it as a bait and switch, weapon to create user dissatisfaction 6 months post purchase.


1 is not possible Republic has a custom ROM in the Moto E 2nd gen and even if you unlock the phone and installed a newer ROM it will not work on Republic any longer (Legacy phones will are all stuck at 5.1 even when the unlock version has 6.0 released by Motorola (the Moto G 3rd is this case) 6.0 brock the Custom changes Republic was doing and they are not going to work on an new version of that code for Legacy phone (It’s not Just Motorola but it’s also Republic)
3.0 Republic is out of the ROM and approved phones are already unlock.


It sounds like you want the best of both worlds, reality and fantasy! Reality is the E2 will never be rooted to use on RW & fantasy is you seem to want everything cheap to do what you want with it. If you want to really be in 2017 then buy a real phone of the 3.0 versions and root that. If you are going to root every phone you own why not do it with a real phone. Rooting a E2 would be like rooting a Defy Xt beta phone. What’s the point? Wouldn’t you rather have a phone running 7.1 Nougat that is about to be released as Oreo. You’re setting yourself up for failure with old inept phones. If that’s all you want to spend on phones the G5 is only about $100 and you can do anything you want to it.


Wifi calling might be broke, in theory. However custom rom was abandoned.

There is nothing wrong with my backup fp moto E2. On android 6. Android 7, in my experience, just breaks more things. (I am very unhappy with android 7. Zero battery drain improvement, apps can no longer take over inferior built in android apps, because they no longer can see other apps. Typical linux, breaking everything over paranoia, rather than looking for best of both world work around.) I probably don’t want any phones RW approves anyway. There are about 12 to 18 easily forgotten specs, I cannot budge on, including 4 amp hour removeable battery, ips outdoor screen, fast charge, at least 4 gig rom, sd card, head phone jack, dual sim, 2 ghz octocore, android 6+, root is a plus, unlocked bootloader and several things. LG may be best choice. Also, in a year, 10 minute charging to full, lithium sulfur may be a reality. I will pass on the upcoming glasses free holographic screens being released this year.

Me, I was paying a little more for RW, since they still listened to customers. This seems no longer the case. I see failure in their future unless they snap out of it.


You and I see very differently! I see a champagne taste on a vinegar budget.


I already jumped from RW on my primary phone for ATT 3 gb a month for myself-$4 more a month. I would have stayed if merely “a quarter of my unused 1 gb were rolled over for the next road trip”. Also, it would decrease group data usage, increase new users, give me a stronger company to rely upon. Yeah, I know the work around, but was beside the point. Deaf ears, so I was out. For me, wasn’t easy to betray RW.

The line for wife is hanging by a thread. She isn’t worth a $200 phone. Moreover, she often doesn’t charge it, doesn’t keep in protective case, breaks many phones, really only needs 100 gb of data. Refuses to use phone maps. …However, I cannot leave her with a phone that we cannot tell if it being charged, has been charged, or is drained.

I also have 3 kids, where the rates of RW doesn’t make sense. So, more money lost that could gladly be RW money.


If I get her a new phone the LG Risa, is looking like the best deal. A quad core is fine for her. It has a removable battery… Now, if RW doesn’t support it, too bad; they better point in as good of direction.

There is the blu ad supported, but probably not worth it.

I am pretty tired of Moto phones. My 12 month old g4 is starting to software flake out under android 7. Random spazzing. The longer you hold out, the better your next phone. But, the latest releases of phones look like the manufactures are still trying to keep us on borderline specs: barely enough ram, barely enough battery, old octo core technology. You would think by now, we would have 16 core and quarter gig internal ram. The lithium sulphur cells were supposed to be released last year by oxis. Though LG or Samsung owns something related to the tech. But like phone specs, battery specs are many, so 8 good battery specs, may not mention 1 spec, like charge time, that could be a game stopper.


“I see a champagne taste on a vinegar budget.”

Off topic. Market reality, is market reality.

When other companies haven’t been catching up on price and service–exceeding–raising prices to make more money as customer base gets sluggish, ALWAYS MEANS THE COMPANY’S END. I have witnessed this over and over, for last 40 years. Companies that survive give something away for free, have some unique service or product. Over prices supermarkets, run sales, give the milk away at cost, fluff dry the hair of the customer on arrival.

  1. RW needs to keep their wifi calling. This is their unique product, few other companies yet offer. However, woe to those with no ears: be flexible enough, to allow outside phones that don’t allow this. … Point out that wifi calling is worth $2 a month. However cannot charge for it, as it saves RW money too.

  2. Okay, 1 gig is all they can afford to offer for $22.50, when other companies offer double or triple. I get it. Then, offer the partial roll over data: people now have reason to use 200 megs, when they might use 800 megs. How is that bad? New users are just looking for piece of mind, a set and forget, auto pay. Fiddling with plan switching, manual payment, is stress not needed.

There are probably other great ideas. FP offered only rooted phone to grab more users for a while…Insurance on phones? (which, never really entered my equation-steel cases are cheaper.) They need to pay several people to read ideas and filter, then deliver to top. Bonus money for guy that finds a good idea that the others overlooked.


The day they offer rollover, partial rollover, I might move back for main line, as wifi calling is being weighed against what I can do with more than 1 gig, that I could not before.

Letting my gut out on 3 gigs, I am using a bit over 1.2 gigs. Now, I can get detailed data, stream 48 kps aac, use google maps rather than sygic. But then again, I don’t have wifi calling, and am dependant on my freedompop phone hangout ringer, when only wifi is available. I am also doubtful if ATT is superior to TMO, at all in Ohio, Indiana, Penn. New York.


And back to main issue, I have never heard of a bad battery making the battery indicator stick at 100 or 99 percent, charging.

If sanity prevailed, I could drop a new battery in cheap to see if this fixes the problem. My unresearched (past experience based) gut feeling is that Moto is raping us for the $2 battery, and putting a fair barrier to changing it.


Blah Blah Blah You’re never happy! I’m done I just waste electric typing to you. You are entitled to your opinions so go ahead I won’t look or read anymore of the degarb.


Hello bocephous
Well that was a interesting conversation I must say an all the luck to degarb with att. that is a joke. I will say RW has been fair an as far as a
mvno. they are one of the best for prices an an service . I had my doubts
for awhile but I spent 229 plus tax for a Moto G 5+ an it came cdma equip.Coverage checker really works,an could not be happier. An it is a great phone. My nexus5x an Moto5G+ is all I need Kinda best of both worlds. An have all the data I need for 22.50 an 21,75 Total phone bill
So a happy camper. RW rocks…


Unfortunately, the raised issues are bigger than I. Head under a rock doesn’t help.

I think people around me in real life maybe right, every Motorola phone are plagued with problems. The problematic issues arising with various phones is a very good reason RW must stop limiting phone choice. Apparently, a ton of other users report Moto G screen flicker/ghost touches/spazing/shaking/jumping unsure yet if relayed to qualcomm, display, SD card, SD card holder, or software conflict. Any rate 13 month ownership, off again to spend another $300 in phones to replace last year’s Moto crop. Here is the link, beware of Motorola phones

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