Battery life decreased

Quick question (I think). I just noticed that the battery life on my new Moto X4 has decreased from what I’ve been getting (20+ hours) to about 13. I noticed 2 things

  1. Bluetooth was on. I have turned it off and will see if this helps.
  2. The Republic Wireless app was using about 12% of the battery today. I don’t believe it is usually this high. Is this percentage normal, and if not, what is a solution? Force Stop?

Have you tried just a simple reboot of the phone?

Yes, it didn’t seem to help

Hello @waynes.z1j4g2

Here are some tips from Motorola to extend the battery life of your Moto X4.,6720,10317

Hi SuperT,
Looked at the article, don’t think these are the issues. I turned Bluetooth off and recharged the phone. Within 1/2 hour the Republic app was using the most battery. Should I do something with it, or, Force stop?

Try going to the Republic apps app info page (the place you would “Force stop it”), and tap on “Storage & cache” then tap “clear cache”.
Reboot the phone and see if that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Give it a day or so and try not to keep opening the app to check it… that, after all will keep using the battery. :wink:
Then we can judge it against other apps usage

Where is the apps info page?

I would usually force stop after looking at battery use info. But now it’s not giving me that info. Something appears to be wrong

Go to your settings on the phone (the gear) and tap on “apps & notifications”
Then tap “see all ## apps” (To show all your installed apps)
Scroll till you find the Republic Wireless app (Near the bottom of the list since it’s alphabetical).

Ok, done. I’ll wait a day and see if there’s an improvement. Thanks.

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Would force stopping it possibly help? Cause any problems?

By restarting the phone, as you have done several times, the app would have been stopped. You can do it if you like, (then reboot please). It should not cause an issue but truly not needed.

You could even uninstall and reinstall the app, which would be my next suggestion if you still find it using the battery excessively.

But do keep this in mind… the more you open and use/look at an app the more battery it uses. Most of the time the RW app is just happy in the background and we Members don’t need to interact with it. It’s possible it went a little crazy with you… but let’s see what happens when you use it normally (phone calls and texts and stuff), and how the battery usage percentage changes. :wink:

Ok thanks. Just looked at battery status and it says it will only last 8 hours, and so far the RW app is using the most (3 percent). Something is amiss

Hi @waynes.z1j4g2 - been following this thread. You might also try a battery calibration. Here’s a link to the procedure from Motorola.

Something you can do as part of charging the battery. Just my 2 cents worth :smiley:

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My Moto X4 battery usage has spiked over the past few days… for two charge cycles in a row RW app is showing max usage…25% and 36% respectively…another X4 in the house is not exhibiting
this behavior.

@amitl, you might try running the phone in safe mode to see if an app is causing this issue.

Did you try the battery calibration suggestion made by @freddyp?

Other then that, unless anyone else in the Community has any more advice I think you’re heading to do a factory reset.
While looking online about your issue, that did fix it for some people.

My X4 - after two days of high battery usage on RW app… has appeared to “calmed” down…and back to more normal battery run time.

Since you asked a couple of times… just want to make sure you don’t use the “Force Stop”
action to stop the RW app. Restart is always a good starting point…and if you suspect a rogue app or update then operating in safe mode as a debug method…those are the only two things, I would recommend, before undertaking more drastic measures.

Also, wanted to reiterate that a second X4 in the house did not exhibit abnormal battery usage or high battery usage by the RW app over the past few days.

So, if your issue has also subsided then I would just chalk it up to “odd” behavior that hopefully does not recur.


Just my 2 cents… I bought a Moto X4 in June of this year. I still get 4 days between charges. It’s been a great phone!


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