Battery life draining so quickly

My phone is having the hardest time keeping a charge or draining quickly. I’m trying to follow the steps on this page - Battery Draining Quickly – Republic Help. Step 1 done. Onto #2. My phone won’t charge to 100%. It can look like it’s charging, but will do so slowly or not at all. Or go from a charge of like 10% down to 0%. So I am trying to take a screen shot of my battery life screen. I have a Motorola phone and this step won’t work for me - Press and hold down both the POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

That seems to want to turn off my phone.

How else do I take a screenshot?

Hi @lynns.5uf4xe!

First off, welcome to the Republic community!

The power and volume down combo is the right one for taking a screenshot with a Motorola device. You have to press and hold both at the same time. It sounds like you may be hitting the power button a little early which will lock the phone (or turn it off if you keep holding it). It can definitely be a little tricky!

Regarding the battery life, which Motorola device do you have? How long have you had the phone? When did the phone start acting like this (i.e. has it seemed to be decreasing for a while now)?


Oh and I tried multiple chargers, so it can’t be the charger.

Thanks for trying to help. My phone is Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.). Maybe 4 years old? I can’t find the info for he exact date. Right now I can’t even get my phone turned on after trying to charge it overnight. I know for sure it’s been happening for the past several weeks, but getting worse now. I’m thinking my phone need to be replaced? It’s been a hassle.

Hi @lynns.5uf4xe,

It does sound like that phone has reached the end of its serviceable life and that the battery has failed. Is there anything we can do to help you find a good replacement?


My friend who also has a Republic Wirepless plan and phone let me know what he has and what is good to get. Looks like I am set on getting a new one. Thank you!


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