Battery Life on Moto G5 Plus

How is everyone’s battery life on the G5 Plus? I’m lucky if I make it a full day (6 am - 9 pm) on a full charge without the battery completely draining (i.e. 0%, not just low). This seems a little pathetic, especially compared to all the review sites raving about how amazing the G5 Plus’s battery life is. My wife’s G4 Plus does much better (and we have basically identical settings).

I keep location off, don’t use cell data (I’m on the $15/month plan), turn off Wi-Fi when I leave a hotspot, keep my screen brightness low, etc. When not on Wi-Fi I’m almost exclusively in areas with excellent signal.

My battery settings claim that “Android System” is using the vast bulk of my battery by overwhelming margins, which to me implies I’m being pretty gentle with the thing.

Curious to hear how others are faring. How is your G5 plus battery doing? Did I get a dud or are my expectations just too high?

(NB: The G5 and G5 Plus have the same battery.)

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Do a screen capture of the battery usage by apps and post it here. (note: you can resize the picture by grabbing a corner and dragging it toward the center). Screen caps are done by pressing the Power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

Here it is…couldn’t figure out how to add from my phone…had to capture, let Google Photos back up, then take a screen clipping and paste…there’s gotta be a better way…

Also note that it says I have 7 hours left; I have found this estimate to be rather optimistic (it’s probably more like 3, in reality). Note the negative d/dx of the curve (non-linear, unlike the graph’s assumption in the projection).

P.S. Thanks for the reply!

Cris, I just got the g5 plus and have the exact same battery experience. Might be a deal breaker if the battery life is so poor! Maybe I’m missing something, but my configuration is pretty basic… No huge apps or obvious battery hogs. Just the android system taking 20-30 percent.

Any thoughts on helping to address this would be much appreciated

I’m not sure what to tell you. Android, of course, is always busy in the background collecting whatever data it can about you. On my phone, I always go to Settings > Apps and start disabling any Google service I don’t need or don’t use. For example, if you look you may find that there is a Korean keyboard app and a Hindi keyboard app that are active… Google Newstand app… Moto apps… many apps that are enabled and may run services in the background that are not necessary and may contribute to battery drain. If you try disabling some of these, be very thoughtful of the apps you disable. If you disable the wrong app, some of the phone’s features may stop working. This is just a suggestion. I have a Moto X2 with a much smaller battery than yours and I can easily go day with 40-50 percent battery left. Seems to me that with light to moderate use, you should be able to go nearly two days on a charge.

Exactly. Sounds like we have the same problem. I don’t get how reviewers like this one are getting such great battery life. (Although in that review it’s a bit confusing. His first screenshot shows about 18 hrs expected life, his second much, much more.)

I agree - I should be able to, but it’s not happening. I fall on the extreme light use side of the spectrum. Haven’t been taking pictures, videos, watching videos or anything. In addition to the usage pattern I described in the original post, the screen is off almost all day as the phone sits “idle” on my desk. I’m not a compulsive phone checker, and use my computer over my phone whenever given the choice.

That’s why I’m wondering if my G5 Plus has a bum battery or not; or if this is just typical performance for this phone, in which case I think all the rave reviews are a little uncalled for:

Moto G5 Plus: Camera, Battery life and verdict

Moto G5 and G5 Plus review: Still the best budget phones

Moto G5 Plus Review - Call Quality, Battery Life and Conclusion

…and the list goes on and on.

Thanks for taking the time to see if there was anything that stuck out to you, though. I appreciate it!

I need to correct a completely false statement I made at the end of my original post, which is the claim that the G5 and G5 Plus have the same battery. I since have realized the G5 only has a 2800mAh (removable) battery vs the Plus’s 3000mAh (sealed) battery.

Hi @cristinal.ger2jg ,

I’d have to say what you are experiencing is not universal. My 18-year old daughter recently upgraded to the G5+. She’s not one to typically just tell me something good about her phone, but the other day she spontaneously told me that she really liked her new phone because the battery life is so good. She mentioned that since it can go “a couple of days” without needing to be charged, she doesn’t bother to charge it overnight as a regular practice like she did her old phone.

How would you say your cell signal strength is wherever you spend most of your day, or where you see the battery drain intensify? For our phones that have cellular coverage from Sprint, when the signal strength is weak, the phone’s attempts to maintain a connection to the cellular tower will drain the battery quickly.

So, first off, my apologies for not coming back here and updating this thread with my latest findings.

Second, here they are:

I use an app called Ever Accountable (because I am a man, and that in combination with our fallen race yields certain vulnerabilities).

If you don’t know much about this app, it runs as a device administrator and requires accessibility privileges. It also requires permission to keep the phone from sleeping (but doesn’t under normal circumstances - more on this in a moment). This can apparently cause conflicts with other apps that interact with the screen output. In my case, the conflicting app (I theorize here) is Twilight, a handy app that gets rid of blue hues as the sun sets. It appears that having installed EA before Twilight resulted in a conflict between the two that somehow kept the phone from sleeping.

After uninstalling EA, my battery life suddenly became amazing (as your daughter reports). I reinstalled EA after testing for a day; nevertheless the battery life continues to be outstanding. My only guess here is that for whatever reason, EA before Twilight = badness; EA *after *Twilight = goodness.

My battery now lasts over three days between charges which now bests my wife’s phone by a good bit (insert evil chuckle here).

The moral here seems to be: if your battery is draining faster than you expect, take a close look at your apps and see if there are any that might be keeping the phone awake more than they should. This is hard to tell, because the app itself can look like it’s using hardly any battery, but the device (“Android System” in my case) will look like it’s using a ton.

On the G5 Plus you can actually check this.

  1. Under Settings / Battery, tap on the chart to bring up the “History Details” screen.
  2. Below the chart you’ll see the percentage of time certain elements have been active displayed as bar graphs.
  3. One of those elements is “Awake”. If that bar has super-long chunks of being solid (when you don’t remember having used your phone), you probably have something keeping your phone up. (Sorry for the lack of screenshot…I’m using a desktop. If someone wants one I can add one later; just ask.)

To check if a suspected app has permission to keep your phone awake:

  1. Go to Settings / Apps and tap the app under suspicion.
  2. Tap “Permissions”. Even if it says “No permissions granted”, don’t trust it. It might be lying (seriously).
  3. On the App permissions screen, tap the “…” menu at top right and select “All permissions” (this is annoyingly obscure).
  4. Scroll to the “Other app capabilities” section.
  5. If you see “prevent phone from sleeping”, this app should stay on your suspects list (though this doesn’t guarantee it’s exercising that privilege, so you don’t know for sure this is the culprit).

Thanks everyone for taking the time to give input.

Cc’ing @devink.yezxwv in case this helps shed some light on your problem.

Try restarting your phone after charging, made big improvements to my battery life.

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So I got my G5 plus about 8 months ago thru Republic Wireless. First few months were pretty good, battery would last 2 days on light use even 3 sometimes. Then over the next 4 months it seems to drop off so bad I finally got another phone. I tried removing apps, and dimming the screen, all the usual stuff up to a full wipe. So after getting everything moved off of the moto g5 plus I discovered accubattery app and installed it. 24 hours later I had my answer… 3 apps were killing my batery in 7 to 8 hours. I remember the biggest offender was facebook with 40% drain (i even tried the “lite” version) I cant remember the other 2 right off but i noticed something else. After removing facebook and going thru another 24 hour cycle a system called ^%$@#$$#%.facebook.%^%#$ was still eating the battery even after being removed. At that point I removed the 3 or 4 top using apps and rebooted the phone. It has now been 70 hours 22 minutes since the last charge (I unplugged at 88%) the phone just hit 34%. …WOW… (44 hours 22 minutes remaining). And that was with 2 hours of screen on time!!!

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