Battery life on T-mobile v. SPRINT V. AT&T

I bet a few here have put Sprint and t-mobile on same device. . I am curious which carrier has best battery life for my moto g4, specifically.

I am already seeing a significant drop in hours to battery crash in just 8 months owning phone. Battery life, as I travel in a 6 County area, should factor into the equation, as would roaming reliability. Data Speed is irrelevant, as that is a want, not a need.

It is not the ‘carrier’ that impacts battery life, it is the proximity to towers & level of coverage that makes the difference. The radios in the phones will adjust their transmit power based on the level of the signal they receive. This automatic increase of transmit power as one moves further away from a cell tower is what uses the excess battery.

In theory, GSM should provide better battery life than CDMA in areas of weak coverage. Automatic increase in radio transmit power to compensate for weak signal is inherent to CDMA but not GSM technology. Otherwise, battery life shouldn’t be impacted by whether one is using GSM as opposed to CDMA coverage.

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