Battery life poor after factory reset

I did a factory reset and now my battery life is greatly diminished. I see in the settings that cell standby is the main culprit. What can I do to fix this? I already checked to make sure my RW apps are updated. Other than a problem with GPS (which the factory reset did not fix…), I did not previously have issues with my phone, and my battery life was fantastic. After the reset I installed only a few additional apps, so if anything I would have assumed my battery life would improve.

I couple of days ago I installed the security update on two Moto X (1st Gen), factory reset them, brought them to a 100% charge, and then let them sit for almost 24 hours connected to WiFi. Then I checked the battery status on each:

The one on the left sat for 22 hours, the one on the right for 20 hours. As you can see, the one on the left did better but both are acceptable. Neither phone was activated. Both phones had only their native apps.

I don’t think your problem has anything to do with factory resetting the phone.

Try running the phone in Safe Mode for a controlled period of time … this will help rule out an app that you have downloaded

Hi @ashleyr

In addition to the excellent replies you have received in this thread, I would also recommend Clearing the Cache , It is a good maintenance procedure that many perform on a monthly basis, and can help keep your phone running smoothly.

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