Battery Loss - Battery calibration

I have been using the Moto G (first generation) since October. Between then and now, I have used other chargers from the same manufacturer.

Currently, I have an issue where the battery life is either not being properly calculated, or have somehow lost 6% of the total battery life. If I charge the phone to 94%, it will suddenly jump to 100%, or if fully charged it will quickly discharge to 94% when unplugged.
Due to the limitations of Republic’s proprietary software, I can not calibrate the battery in any drastic manner to know if that is the problem. Further, this particular model does not allow us to easily replace the battery if need be. It is possible the battery may not even be brand new, or I somehow damaged it, so I am not looking for a direct solution.

Otherwise, the phone’s life lasts a long time depending on use and there is no other particular technical issues that I’ve noticed.

My question is if this is a common issue or anyone has experienced something similar.

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I have noticed it jump from upper 80s to complete in a matter of a few minutes on my Moto X.

I have seen some reports of the batter usage reporting not being linear and thought that jumps of 10% was near norm?

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The phone will re-calibrate the battery life if you do the following - but I don’t know if this will resolve the 94% -> 100% problem. Still, worth a try if you haven’t done it yet.

  1. Let the phone run on the battery until it shuts off. If the battery needs calibration, it will decline to 1% at a steady rate and then sit at 1% for longer than you’d expect.

  2. Allow the battery to rest for 5 minutes or so before plugging in, then plug in to charge.

  3. After 15 minutes or so, turn the phone on but avoid using it until charging is complete.

  4. Leave the phone on the charger for at least 30 minutes after the charge status shows 100%.

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