Battery-low overnight charge

HI - Since yesterday (Feb 3, '18) my Moto G3 phone only charges to 89%. I restarted and still only 89%. Is this a sign of problems to come? Is there a way to get it to charge 100%? The phone is 2 years old and has worked fine.

I had a similar issue with my second gen Moto X and the solution was just a new cord (same ac adapter just a new USB cable) the old cable was just not able to push enough current to push pass 80% compared to the battery current

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Hi @francesab.bmbyb2,

Another possibility may be that the software that manages the battery has gotten off track. One of our members has written up steps to re-calibrate the battery, here:

Thank you, I’ll try both these suggestions.

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I got a new cable and it solved the problem!! Thank you so much for the suggestions. Much appreciated.


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