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Can you explain why to only hold the power button for 2-3 seconds and removing phone from charger? –I’m currently testing couple of TurboChargers for review so I’m trying to drain my battery to 1% to do this, so I want to make sure I’m not doing something harmful. Thanks!

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Hi @apples2androids
A LI battery will not drain to 1%. There is a protection circuit that allows a battery to drain as low as 5%-10% so a battery don’t become unstable and go Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on you.


Thanks @bocephous! I’m using a Moto Z Play and am just relying on the battery percentage that it shows in the battery portion of the Settings app. Is the info that I see here incorrect? What do you mean by “go[ing] Samsung7 on you”? –You mean Galaxy Note 7 in flames? :fire: :fireworks: :fire: :fireworks:


This is what I have learned from others to prevent the app optimization process.


The convenience of fast charging with a turbo charger is luring. But, the number one enemy of Li batteries is heat, and turbo charging generates a lot of heat in the battery. You may enjoy the convenience today, but you will likely pay for that convenience sooner than you might expect. I don’t even use the turbo charger that came with my Z Play. Think about it, a 3amp charge vs a 15amp charge? 3A is plenty fast for me.


Battery health best-practices is an excellent conversation for our Community. @coreyk, do you think once there are a good number of quality tips in this thread you could write a Tips & Tricks post and then wikify it for the Community?


I think I could give it a go.


Device Help app has a fairly good battery monitor. FIX, Hardware Tests, Battery.


Here is my tips and tricks on Battery life best practices. Battery Life Best Practices


Thanks @coreyk!!