Battery not holding charge/time for new phone or new battery?

Hello! I am in my panic mode again…as I have to figure out if it’s time to get a new phone, or just a new battery! This battery has been amazing; I have a Moto g(6); I have never loved it, but it has a great camera. I am pretty hard on the phone two; many cracks! BUT the biggest issue right now is that the battery is NOT holding a charge; is it as simple as replacing the battery…The phone has also started doing the sorts of things that usually mean the phone is going to stop working…just acting squirrely, etc. Thanks for any input! Oh I have a USB-C battery, if that matters.

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

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Hi @shelbys.a6uqzm and welcome to the Community!

The battery in your Moto G6 is not designed to be user replaceable, so it’s not a simple replacement and generally would require paying a qualified technician.

In my opinion, given the age of the phone, I don’t think the expense of replacing the battery would be a worthwhile investment. I suggest treating yourself to a new phone.

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Rolandh! Thank you so much for your reply! Well, then I best get a new phone, haha! I am currently reading reviews on what is available via Republic Wireless/Motorola…so will go ahead and make a choice. I am narrowing it down I think the MotoG Power or MotoG Stylus…have read pros and cons on them, along with the Moto One 5G Ace…interesting to read the different opinions on YouTube videos. thanks for your reply!


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