Battery Optimization


Moto G5sPlus
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Issue Description

When I go to the Battery settings and click on Battery Optimzation, it shows none of the apps optimized, but it gives me only two choices, None or All. If I click on all, it presents screen after screen of apps, all of them simultaneously saying they’re optimizing, but none of them appearing to complete. If I leave that screen, they revert to the all off setting. Is this how this is supposed to work?


This shows the current state of the Battery Optimization when All is displayed
It is stating on an App by App basis
’Optimizing battery use’ indicates that that particular App is already optimized for battery useage
Screenshot shows examples, and note that Republic Wireless shows ‘Battery optimization not available’ (as do some of the core function Apps in the all List)
If you change an App, you will receive a warning/explanation of the result (more battery usage)


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