Battery questions

I have a Moto X Pure Edition from 2017.

  1. Do these symptoms say my battery is dead, or that something else is wrong? I charge it to 100% and then disconnect from the charger and try to do almost anything else and the phone shuts down completely.

  2. Is the battery in that phone replaceable? I get different answers from different people. Somebody said no: Battery. What options do I have in case my phone battery gives out?
    Somebody else recommended which says that battery is out of stock.
    One driving-distance phone repair shop says they won’t replace Moto batteries because they are too finicky.
    So I am concluding battery replacement will be difficult.

  3. But that seems very wasteful. If I get a new phone, which ones, if any, have user-replaceable batteries?

Hi @bobh.zakzkv,

Motorola introduced the Moto X Pure in 2015, though it was indeed sold for a period of time after that. I’m reasonably certain it was last manufactured no later than 2016.

Candidly, it does sound like a dying if not yet dead battery. Given the age of the phone, it’s not unusual and we’ve seen numerous other instances.

I would agree with that assessment. The Moto X Pure’s battery is not intended to be user replaceable. That doesn’t mean some intrepid folks haven’t tried and succeeded. Again, given the age of the phone, the biggest hurdle would be sourcing the replacement part. I don’t believe Motorola is manufacturing new batteries for what from its perspective is a five year-old phone. Keep in mind, if you were to source a “new” battery, it may have been laying on someone’s shelf for as long as 5 years.

Market reality is user replaceable batteries are confined to very few phones and these tend to be low-end phones. You may see which Republic compatible phones (present and past) sport a user replaceable battery here:

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