Battery replacement Moto X Pure

Who has OEM Motorola Batteries? I see hundreds of non OE batteries,but
the quality seems questionable. I believe the OE type is FX30.

That phone was made in 2015.
It is End of Life.
Is is not likely that Moto manufactures batteries for this model anymore.
Any “new” Moto OEM battery you find being sold are old stock that have just been sitting unused for long time, which does cause damage to the batteries usable capacity and life.
You can try contacting your local CPR, Cell Phone Repair location and see if they can help.


The whole reason I asked this question is to install the battery myself. Not to take the phone to a repair shop.

It is best done by a repair shop as it is not user serviceable. It requires complete disassembly of the phone, which, for the average person, is not something they can do. Even tech savy folks, end up breaking the tiny connectors or cables and end up doing more damage.

You could at least contact CPR and see if you could buy a OEM battery from them.

The phone is glued together and thats tough to break the bond.

A single seller on eBay alone has sold 1444
Also several on Amazon. Several videos on YouTube. I beginning to think some commenters are on here to sell phones.

iFixit and Motorola have recently partnered to make available Moto parts for use by folks that want to DIY.
Here is a link to the iFixit Moto X Pure Edition Battery Replacement … Tools, parts and how to guides are provided.
Good luck and be sure to post back your experience to encourage others

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The battery is glued in but it’s not difficult to break the bond. Same with the back cover. If you’re careful, it’s not really that hard to do.
You tube has several videos on how to do stuff to that particular phone.
There are beaucoup tiny little screws that require a tiny little torque driver that you will probably have to buy.
And the cautions about tiny wires and connections are valid.
Come to think of it, buy a new phone. If I had done that, I would have saved a lot of money, time and aggravation.
And I still ended up buying a new phone.

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I THINK you need to tell @donalde this as he is the OP of the thread.

You might try Got an OEM Moto battery for X2 there. That said, the local phone repair facility broke the ear speaker while replacing the battery and had to buy a replacement phone, so the repair may not be as straight forward as the repair videos lead you to believe.

Good luck

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Thanks all,but I have a new Moto G7 in the mail. Decided it was too risky to deal with that. I probably could handle it,but I didn’t trust battery replacement quality.

Those who claim that replacement of batteries is not for amateurs are wrong. I have ordered batteries for 2 different phones thru Ebay and replaced both by following instructions per I fix It . I am not a tech and am 76 years old. Saying that a 4 year old phone is obsolete is ridiculous. I am still using a Moto X1 and Moto E 1.


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