battery replacement


I have a Moto G Plus (4th Gen) Device Number: ■■■■. I think I need a new battery. For the past several days the phone won’t hold a charge all day after having been charged all night. How can I manage this.
Thank you

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Hi @gradyj.kw1hoe,

The Moto G4+ does not have a consumer-replaceable battery. You could contact Motorola to find out what options they may have, or if your phone is out of warranty, check with a local cell phone repair shop.


Have you checked what has been draining the battery so fast? There maybe an underlying issue that can be corrected. Go to the battery settings & see what has been used the most percentage of time.


I think I found the issue. The app Dollar General appears to be eating up most of the power. I uninstalled the app.


If I had known that I couldn’t replace the battery in my Moto X then I wouldn’t had bought it! :frowning:


Most phones don’t have replaceable batteries by the user anymore. Usually it takes a shop or patience to replace one.