Battery short life when temp outside is 15F when outside

What phone do you have? MotoG 5 Plus

What plan are you on? Phone, text and data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

When outside during temperatures of 15F or lower, then phone battery depletes quickly – within 2 hours, yet was fully charged earlier.

That’s pretty much the way lithium ion batteries work. The lower the temperature, the lower the capacity. At 15F you’d be looking at the battery delivering less than 50% of its capacity versus at above freezing temperatures.

Here’s a dense overview: but you 'll see that at -10C (14F) batteries become almost impossible to charge in addition to rapidly discharging.

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my brother has the exact same phone, purchased at the exact same time (but bigger memory card) and his does not do this. The phone is in my pocket under my coat and not sitting in the open air.

Hi @christiek.h9atoy,

If the phone is in your pocket, against your body, and under your coat, it’s likely not being exposed to the 15 degree temperature, so the cold may not be a factor.

Is there any chance the phone screen is being turned on while it’s in your pocket? (I once found mine in my pocket with the flashlight on! That burned through the battery in a hurry! Warmed it up quite a bit, too.)

Is your brother’s phone the same age as yours? Is it operating with the same apps? An app that is running could cause this kind of battery drain.

Has the issue continued, or was it a one-time thing?

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