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Moto Z Droid XT1650-03
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My Choice+100
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Data is included

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Anyone else having major software trouble with their battery since the last Republic update? I just factory reset, and watched my phone function normally (for the first time in about a week); that is until I installed and set up the Republic Wireless app. Then the now customary whimsical shut offs returned. Instant black screen with yellow warning sign for dead battery if I try to power on again, even with the battery having been fully charged.

The very next time I have trouble (bound to be soon today) I will uninstall Republic Wireless for a lengthy stretch and surf around, run down and charge up the battery, then reinstall the app, and see. I will post my results here.

Thanks good folks!

Hi @bernard and welcome to the Community!

Candidly, WE’ve not seen others reports that i’m aware of suggesting the Republic app is running amok and causing untoward battery. When you see this excessive battery drain, what are the top apps listed at Settings -> Battery. Additionally, may we know, the brand, model and generation of the involved phone?

Hello! It’s definitely a problem with my battery software. It’s not actually causing a battery drain, and doesn’t look in any way like one. The phone might be at 100% but dies suddenly without shutting down, sensing 0%. It could be only just unplugged and switch off to read 0%. And it happens like clockwork if I select restart. Battery software senses 0% and I must plug in to power on.

I will know better when I uninstall Republic for a stretch and use the browser and email and try several restarts. It has seemed to be Republic at fault, from the moment of clicking start on set up. But it may be that I am on a false trail.

It wasn’t a problem before last week or proceeding weekend. I started by assuming the blame lay with Motorola. It was just circumstances that had me using my email and browser to catch up and then later installing the Republic app. Then, like a light switch it went to black screen, a hard immediate shutdown, just like it’s been being plagued with before. And again became whimsical about how long the phone would stay on, sometimes normal seeming and sometimes mere seconds.

I’ll post what happens with my experiment throughout.

It may be only my phone - let’s hope so for the others. It might however have something to do with my model, which wouldn’t be very many Republic customers. It used to be sold as a Republic phone but I see it’s no longer listed. Moto Z Droid XT1650-03.

Thanks for your quick response. I can’t really give you the drain info, that’s simply not the problem happening here.


That model came out in 2016.

The issues you state are typical End of Life battery issues.
Meaning the battery it self is worn/failing and needs to be replaced.
This needs to be done by a professional, as the battery is not user replaceable, the phone has to be dissembled.
You can take it to a local Cell Phone Repair shop and get a quote, such as Cell Phone Repair (
the cost to replace the battery my be higher than you expected, and it may be better to look at replacing/upgrading to a new phone.

To be clear, the Republic version isn’t the Moto Z Droid, It is just the Moto Z (XT1650-03) and you’re correct, that phone is no longer sold as it was discontinued by Motorola in 2017.

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