Battery usage & Republic app



I have a 1st gen Pixel and have noticed the battery not lasting as long lately. I’ve barely used my phone today and it’s going to be dead before I leave work. I checked battery usage and it looks like the Republic app is killing my battery (see attached screenshot). Can someone help me diagnose what’s going on here. I’ve barely used my phone all day and haven’t opened the Republic app in at least a month. The app version is


Hi @neuroboy,

You’re getting 8 hours of battery use out of a first gen Pixel that you’ve had about… 20 months, yes? From what I’ve heard around the office, that’s about right. That the Republic app is using the highest percentage doesn’t necessarily mean it’s draining the battery.

This is going to sound terribly basic, but… when was the last time you rebooted the phone?


OK, fair point on percentage v. absolute usage by the app. Makes more sense for it to be so high if I wasn’t using it much so it had no battery competition.

I think I last rebooted it last week.


If you don’t mind, reboot it and let’s see if tomorrow’s any better. If the RW app does have some runaway process consuming the battery, that’ll likely reign it in.

Is it heating up at all?


It does heat up from time to time. Would you recommend a reboot the next time that happens?


If it’s heating up while at rest, yes, I’d reboot that. Some process is running amok.
If it’s heating up substantially while charging, the battery would be better off if you turned it off to charge.
If it’s heating up while you’re using it, for example, charging while navigating, or in a call or playing a game, then be cognizant of how hot it gets (warm is ok, hot to the touch is not) and keep such use minimal.

If you need to charge it while navigating, positioning the phone where it can benefit from cool air from the car’s AC is a good idea.


Good advice, that’s all pretty much my m.o., in general.


Pixel batteries don’t have a great reputation for longevity. It wouldn’t surprise me if it needed to be replaced soon. I got two years out of mine before replacement.


OK, I guess it’s all making more sense now. The battery life isn’t bad yet, but it can’t hurt to plan for replacing the battery. A quick Google search turned up a partnership with UBREAKIFIX stores. Is that how you replaced yours? After reviewing the instructions for battery replacement I’m not sure I trust myself to not damage the phone doing a DIY replacement.


I sent mine to Google. Kind of a pain since they return a refurbished phone instead of the phone you send. You then have to go through all the OS updates before you can fully restore all your apps and account info.

I tried uBreakiFix, but the store I went to didn’t do batteries, only displays. I also went to three local repair shops, but they all wanted way too much money because they claimed they couldn’t replace the battery without destroying the screen.


Hi @neuroboy

I also have the original Pixel. I have been looking at this place for a battery repair:
Official Google partner for Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 3 and Motorola Moto x4 repairs

They come to your home and repair it on site and the price looks good as well.
Check them out and see if they are available to you. :wink:


Hi @neuroboy,

I’ve never seen the RW app use that high of a percentage. Mine has normally been below 5% and only once recently saw it higher at 7%.

If you see it using a large % again I’d recommend uninstalling the RW app and then doing a fresh reinstall of the app.



Thanks @PlaneTherapist I’ll try that, too. I tend to think it’s probably (as @southpaw insinuated) that it was so high because I had hardly used the phone that day so, relatively speaking the percentage was high but only because no other apps were doing anything.


@SuperT- No service from PULS in Boston ¯_(ツ)_/¯

turns out ubreakifix does battery replacement here. . . so, problem solved.