Battery used up by cell standby using cell radio

What phone do you have? I have a Moto G(3)

What plan are you on? original basic

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

My battery is being drained by cell standby (Battery used by cell radio). I have tried restoring Cell Radio to factory settings, I did a cache cleanse and the problem still exists. This just started today and I have had no change in any services (Internet, wi-fi etc) since December.

There was a reporting issue with the Legacy phones. See this thread for additional details.

If your battery life has suddenly dipped… I would recommend looking at any recently installed or updated apps. Also try running the phone in safe mode and see if that fixes it. If the battery life is low even in safe mode them you might be looking at an aging/failing battery.

Cell Standby is a very standard drain of the battery and is directly related to the signal strength. The worse the signal strength the quicker the battery drains. In addition, the battery on the G3 is likely to be showing its age about now.

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You can essentially turn cell standby off by using airplane mode (and then re-enabling WiFi) or by disabling the Republic Wireless app.

By doing the former to my old Moto X first gen, I pretty much doubled the battery life to 2 days. But I had moved the phone number to my new phone, so there was no need for any cell functionality at all. Battery life continues to decline somewhat, of course.

If you do need your cell voice/text/data, you can use airplane mode intermittently whenever you have a good WiFi connection.

Disabling the Republic Wireless App does not impact cell standby but does prevent you from having properly operating service.

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Under the circumstances I described – no cell number associated with the phone – I don’t believe it affects the phone operation under WiFi. But I don’t have the phone with me, so I can’t check.

That’s correct, on an unactivated phone, it wouldn’t impact anything, including not impacting battery drain.

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