Battery. What options do I have in case my phone battery gives out?

What options do I have in case my phone battery gives out?

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Most phone batteries are not designed to be user replaceable. There are some exceptions to the general rule, so may we know the brand, model and generation of your phone?

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Moto x pure edition Android 7.0

Thanks, Peter

Hi @lov2play,

Thank you for the additional context. Sadly, your Moto X Pure is among the majority of phones whose battery is not intended to be user replaceable. There is the option of getting the battery professionally replaced.

Motorola would offer a quote on that. You might reach out to them here:

If you might prefer a more local alternative and these folks have a location near you they’ve received excellent reviews previously here in the Community: Due to the extraordinary circumstances we are all dealing with, I suggest you call ahead to determine how they might be able to serve you.

All of the above said, if it were me, given the Moto X Pure is now a going on 5 year-old phone, I would choose to replace it. For me, there comes a point in time where making additional investment in something that old no longer makes the most sense.


Thank you for your help. You are right…replacing it will be the best option…

Wish you good fortune…Pete


Baterys can be got cheap from a lot of scources. They are not hard to change but are slightly difficult… I have did probably a dozen. Lots of insructions on the net but some of the ones by horn tooters need to be taken with a grain of salt. Be very careful and procede slowly and you can do it.

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As with many devices today, there are videos on Youtube showing how the replace the battery. Here’s one that looks straightforward:

The battery and tools are available from various sellers on Ebay.

If you’re not confident enough after watching this, then pay someone to make the replacement or get a new phone.

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YouTube is OK, but iFixit provides clear instructions, tools, and is a partner of Motorola.

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