Before I sign up for Republic I want to know what the "out-the-door" monthly charge will be

Phone companies charge a lot of extra charges. I see the part about a base $15 and $5/GB but on top of that how much is charged for all the other ■■■■ on the bill? If I have low telephone usage and use 8GB of internet data what would my bill look like?

You wanted to know what? The taxes? I have the $15/base + $5/gb plan, and before credits my invoice is $22.92, so taxes total about $2.92.

Were you planning on using 8GB/mo LTE? My total usage per month is mostly wifi - I’ve only used more than 1GB of cell data when traveling. Your bill would be $55mo + taxes if you were going to use all 8GB of that on cell.

Taxes are HIGHLY dependent on locality. If you provide your ZIP code I can provide an estimate that will very close.

Thanks KS,
This helps a lot. Yes, I’m interested in taxes but I’m interested in any other charges. I’m currently with AT&T and when I learned their advertised price for unlimited was over $20 less than the “special price” I’m currently paying I called to have by plan changed to the “lower” price. I found out that if I had switched my bill would have INCREASED by $20 because they don’t tell you about the line fee, and a list an arm’s length long of other charges besides even the taxes.

Your telling me about your bill clears that up. Thanks!

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Taxes there seem to be a lot higher, at about $5/month.

There are never any other fees with Republic other than the basic telecommunications taxes and fees.

Since I’m in a major market (Chicago) can I expect my service to be top tier? Without sound quality issues, throttling of data, dropped calls, etc? i.e. is service on par with AT&T?

Coverage is on one of two national network providers depending on the phone model and location. Audio quality is pretty much like every other company on cellular and I find it clearer and richer when on wifi. Finally, Republic doesn’t throttle data as you purchase the amount of data you’d like. You have that data at the full speeds the network allows and you’re cut off when you reach that limit.

And when you are cutoff you can purchase an additional 1gb for only $5 which does expire on your billing cycle. So you can adjust month to month if you don’t always need more.

you guys are the best - thanks !!!

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do you get an alert just before your data plan maxes out? I’d hate to be in the middle of a movie or something and have everything go dark…

Yes you get messages that your getting close to the data purchased and then you can purchase more data. You may also change your plan for next month to increase the data if you feel it won’t be enough.
I have been with Republic for 6+ years and have saved thousands of dollars over that time period if I had to pay the big boys directly. I have one bill thats about $22.50 a month and another thats $24.25 so I have 2 phones and pay $46.75 a month total…

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I only use about 100MB a month so I don’t know :grin:
WiFi is everywhere.

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Thanks all - now I’m feeling stupid. I’ve been with AT&T since rotary phone days. I could use those thousands…

The very act of asking good questions and moving from AT&T to Republic Wireless shows you are far from stupid :wink:
Hope to see you around in the community!

No. It is $5 for 1GB on the My Choice Plan.

I would ask if Republic is the right fit for you.

Are you a heavy mobile data user? (more than 3GB a month)
Do you have poor Tmobile or Sprint service where you live/travel?
Are you rarely on wifi?

If any of the answers to those above questions is a Yes, then Republic is probably not a good fit for your needs.

However, if you are always on wifi, use around 1 - 2GB of Mobile data a month, and are in an area with good Tmobile or Sprint service, then RW will save you money and should perform well.

You will need to use a compatible phone however.
Can not be a “Carrier Unlocked” device.
Must be a North American Factory Unlocked Android device. (no iphones).
See the list here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

As far as cost with RW, it is $15 base plan that is Unlimited Talk & Text, plus $5 per 1GB of mobile LTE data(if you even want mobile data) plus your local state and federal taxes.

Unused mobile data expires at the end of each bill cycle, there is no data “rollover”.

I rarely use Mobile Data, but still want access while away from WifI, so I just have the 1GB. I can pay to add 1GB of one time add on data for $5 at any time should I suddenly need to use my phone alot away from wifi. Here in the Twin Cites, MN, Tmobile is awesome. I pay $23.57 a month.

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You will Save thousands as prices keep rising at Att, but RW is still staying relatively low. 5 yrs from now you will be grinning all the way from the bank.

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