Best app to get texts on desktop and on phone?


What is the best way to setup for texting via Desktop and Android phone?

Is there more than one option for this?

I’d like to text from both desktop and the phone, and have ability to send/receive photos and MMS type messages.


Hi @kenick and welcome to the Member Community. We use the standard Messages for Web that is part of the supported Messages by Google. Almost all of my texting is done on my laptop when we’re home. Here’s a link with information from Google –

There is also an option from RW. Here’s a FAQ that might help answer some questions about the app –

We don’t use anywhere so will defer to others if you have specific questions after reviewing the FAQ.

Hope this helps!


Thank you.
FUNNY, because I finally ditched GV, which I had living & fighting on the same phone along with RW. There was constant problems whenever WIFI was not available, so I finally pulled the plug on GV. HOWEVER, are you saying that I can continue to use the GV app on my desktop? ALSO, I noticed that RA is no longer supported.

Does anyone out there have a recommendation? Are there perhaps other 3rd party apps? What about anything that Samsung itself might provide?

Many thanks… I’m sure folks ask this question all the time, and the app universe is always changing.

Hi @kenick

Messages by Google is a texting app, it is not the same as GV.

Also, Republic is no longer developing Anywhere but they have fixed serious bugs. Anywhere is still my preferred texting app. It works on your computer even if your phone is turned off or spinning around in the washing machine. The same cannot be said for Messages.

As for third party apps, you are free to try any one you want but if you encounter difficulties, the recommendation will be to use one of the two supported apps - Messages by Google or Republic Anywhere.


Hi @kenick there is a Tips & Tricks article you might find interesting –

Messages by Google is so easy to use and meets our needs. YMMV :grin:


Thanks everyone.

Freddy, it’s been mentioned that Messages won’t work if your phone is turned off or disabled. Do you have that issue, as well?

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Correct, Messages by Google will not work if the phone is turned off or disabled. This has not been a problem for us, but our needs are pretty simple :smiley:

That’s the big advantage of Anywhere. As @johnny5 said “It works on your computer even if your phone is turned off or spinning around in the washing machine.”

Hopefully the Tips & Tricks article will give you some background information that might help.


My phone was stolen while in Europe, so I relied TOTALLY on Republic Anywhere to communicate with the States. It was a lifesaver!


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