Best Bluetooth headset (not earbuds) for Moto G 4 play

I am wanting to buy a new Bluetooth headset for hands free conversations in the car. My old Motorola H720 works well but has an aging battery. I have purchased and returned a Plantronics explorer 50 and one called SEED. Both returned because the volume was inadequate for hearing in the car. So I am looking for recommendations of what works for you.

Hi @ccrm

I do not have a recommendation for you, just curious as to why you wouldn’t get another H720 since it works well for you?..

I understand wanting to try something different, or looking for a better price, just wondering if your looking for " features" that are important to you that the H720 lacks.

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Your right, I liked some of the new features like the voice telling me the caller number.

But maybe another h720 is the best option but kinda bugged me the newer ones were inferior.

Thanks for your input.


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