Best Bring your own Phone for use with CDMA

Looking to purchase a new phone that can be used on the CDMA network (It works best in my area). I’m looking at the Moto G7 phones, and am intrigued by the G7 Power for it’s battery life. Has anyone had experience with this phone or would you recommend one of the the other G7 phones (or any other BYOP for that matter.

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I had the Moto G7. A very nice phone! My brother is now enjoying it here on Republic.

Here is are a few links to photos samples on some of the other G series phones you mentioned plus my old review of the G7:

Now for this part of your question:

Getting a CDMA SIM should not be an issue. Here is how to ask for one:

As for the purchase part of your question, I offer you a Tips and Tricks page from @louisdi:

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I’ve had this phone for a year now, my second of the G series. If you want a “good enough” phone, this is the one. The photos are fine, particularly outside. One charge easily lasts a day or so with moderate use. I immediately put on this case and this screen protector and have had no issues. That said, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the new Moto Power.


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