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My wife’s Moto G6 play seems to take bad pictures. She takes pictures of our kids in sports and they come out like a bad water color. What phones would be better suited for action pictures? I’ve thought about another DSLR but if I can get a phone with a much better Camara she wouldnt have to carry two devices

@jasonm.9x2ijp 3d party ratings always put the Samsung S Series, Samsung Note Series, and Google Pixel Series at the top of the heap for photos.


Photo samples by actual Republic Wireless users are available in our #reviews:photos category.


Looking through the samples all of the pictures posted look good. I don’t see any action shots though. My wife takes a lot of pictures of our kids playing sports then posts them online and they all look pretty bad. I’ll try to attach one of me playing basketball as an example


Are all Motorola phones this bad?

What’s odd about the picture is that while we would expect to see some motion blur with moving subjects… I would not expect to see it in stationary objects (like the doors and exit signs). It looks like the photographer is moving as well as the motion. :thinking:

If you take a photo with the phone held still on a non moving object is the photo at all blurred?

Phones in general are going to have trouble with indoor (generally what’s considered low light) and action. This is because the lenses on smartphones are generally fixed aperture and therefore the only way to get more light in is to extend the shutter speed.

In addition the sensor on smartphone cameras has very small pixels barely over 1 nanometer in size which means lower light photos are “noisy” making the picture feel soft (the digital equivalent of film grain).

I don’t think the pictures are as bad when the phone is held still. The issue is that she takes a lot of action pictures so the majority of her photos come out like this

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