Best case for Google Pixel 3A?

What is the best case for a Pixel 3A? Upgrading from a Moto G5 Plus with Incipio case. I would like the 3A case to not be too bulky.



Hi @pfhyper and welcome to the Member Community. Many speak highly of the Otterbox Series. Here’s a link to a quick search on Amazon. Always a good resource to see what is available.

And a couple of sites with reviews for other manufacture’s cases –

Much depends on what you expect out of a case. Others may have some good suggestions too!


An Otterbox and not so bulky are often mutually exclusive. I use a Spigen “Tough Armor” case on my Pixel 4 XL. Despite the name I don’t find it particularly bulky.

Spigen makes one for the Pixel 3a linked here: They offer other options as well:

The links I’ve offered are to Spigen’s website. You would likely find better pricing for Spigen cases at Amazon.


This is the case I got for my 3a. Like you, I don’t like a bulky case. I also like that it’s flexible and not hard plastic.

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I use a Spigen Liquid Crystal case on a 3a XL. Works great for me.


Decided on the Spigen Tough Armor. Good reviews and a good price. I also think the kickstand is cool.



Good choice! I prefer Spigen for my phone cases and have regretted it when I bought a non-Spigen case.


Two months in and I am loving the Spigen. Side buttons work very well and I love the kickstand. It doesn’t extend the Pixels footprint much and it’s very easy to hold.

Thanks for all the recommendations!


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