Best/Cheapest No Contract Mifi/Hotspot for RW

I have searched the forum for info on this subject but I keep coming up with suggestions from 3 or 4 years ago.

I am looking for a Mifi/Hotspot for my RW Moto X phone. I would be using it for Phone Calls ONLY! And maybe occasional data. Due to my location it CANNOT be Sprint or T-mobile, it must be ATT or Verizon.(That’s why my phone won’t work!).

I would want something that is NO CONTRACT but pay as you go. I cannot use my existing wifi internet that I use for my laptop because I DO NOT HAVE ACCESS to the router and this network is used by numerous people. This is why it does not work for RW VOIP. I see my only alternative is to change phones/carriers or buy a cheap Tracfone or something that uses ATT/Verizon and set my Moto X to call forwarding when I am home.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I apologize if this question has been asked recently, but trying to sift thru old archaic feeds has become way too frustrating!


H2O wireless offers AT&T hotspots/plans under the H2O Bolt brand. I haven’t used their data-only plans, but I have used them for cellular phone service and they seemed OK. Personally, I think you would be money ahead to just get a phone and plan with AT&T, Verizon, or one of their MVNO’s.

I know that Freedompop recently added devices compatible with their new GSM network that runs of AT&T. They have 500mb for 3.99 or 3gb for $28.99 if you need that much. Their free plan includes 200mb of data (of which probably only 100mb is usable due to billing reasons).

Looks like there are two of these conversations: Best/Cheapest No Contract Mifi/Hotspot for RW.

there were! I edited out the first thread. At least I thought I did.

No, actually I see that 2 threads still exist. Maybe an ambassador or RW rep like @southpaw could merge the two?

Thanks @mb2x. Do I understand correctly that if the mifi is GSM it would not affect my RW phone, (CDMA) since I would be using the wireless network and not the cellular side of things?

@willum0 There shouldn’t be any problems with it . Should work just fine as long as you have sufficient coverage!

That’s what I thought, Thanks!

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