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Taking a road trip this summer through South Dakota. Just wondering if there is a more optimal setup for our phones during this travel. I really haven’t looked into changing anything since we got our latest RW phones as everything works well for us at home. If I understand correctly, we could switch out SIM cards to make use of the Tmobile network; is that correct? Would we be best served having one phone configured to each?

Additionally I plan to download maps for the areas that we are planning to be traveling, any other suggestions?

Thanks for the help!

One thing that other users have found that can be a big help would be to have one phone on T-Mobile and the other on Sprint.
The merger landscape is a bit messy and hard to track so often you will find that the coverage maps are not up to date

Will do that, thanks!

I prefer this T-Mobile map: Personal Coverage Check ( because you can drill in to a location and see the predicted coverage (fair, good, excellent, etc) versus the other map which is more 3G/4G/5G focused. As we know all coverage is not equal and I’ve found that in areas that T-Mobile calls “fair” usability ranges from “fine” in the areas of fair bordering good to “none at all” in the area of fair bordering no coverage or in massive fair areas.

I agree with most of your points, I prefer the one that was in my recommendation, as it does have the ability to show 5G … I think this is important, a T-Mobile continues to combine Sprint resources to boost their 5G coverage there is a chance that this coverage map would be updated more often.

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