Best deal on a Moto X4, 64 GB?

My son busted the glass onhis Moto X4 phone. Can anyone please tell me the cheapest price for a Moto X4 64 GB phone? Many thanks!

The Moto X4 hasn’t been sold in many years and so you’d have to look on a site like eBay or Swappa for one. There is no “cheapest price” as it is going to depend on the seller, the condition, what accessories it comes with, etc.

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Thank you!

If you were to buy a used one It would probably need a new battery. Not that the battery will be new, as I don’t know if the X4 battery was used in newer phones than the X4. If yes then the batteries for sale can be of a fresher lot of batteries.
I have a X4 64 and I have to keep it plugged in all the time. If not plugged in it has the life expectancy of a gnat flying around my head about 10 minutes till it’s dead.
I have been told the screen or the Glass back cracks when pulling the phone apart if the installer don’t use proper tools. A green tech who is inexperienced will have this same issue. I just don’t want to spend $150+ on a old phone to replace a battery when I can just eventually buy a new one when Uncle Joe Bidens stimulus comes in.
My suggestion is buy a newer phone and cut the loss.

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